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Tuna mousse: the recipe for the delicious cream for appetizers and aperitifs

Tuna mousse: the recipe for the delicious cream for appetizers and aperitifs


Well drained tuna in oil

creamy spreadable cheese

The tuna mousse it is a tasty and quick recipe, ideal to prepare even at the last minute. A delicious spread that can be enjoyed on slices of toast, together with vegetable crudités or to be used to fill canapés, savory puffs and vol-au-vent. In our recipe, really very simple, we blend the tuna in oil, well drained, with the spreadable cheese, the anchovies, the capers and the juice and grated rind of the lemon: the final result is a tasty and super versatile mousse, perfect for any antipasto or for a tease aperitif. The addition of oregano and lemon will make it fragrant and enveloping.

Instead of spreadable cheese, you can use the same amount of cow’s milk ricotta: the mousse will be less compact, but equally delicious and delicate. You can add the aromatic herbs you prefer, pitted black olives, one, two dried tomatoes in oil or a hard-boiled egg, for a richer and fuller cream. For an optimal result, it is important to use an excellent quality, preserved in oil and preferably in a glass jar, to always be preferred over aluminum.

Find out how to make tuna mousse by following the step by step procedure and advice. Also try the crunchy baskets with tuna and olive mousse.

How to prepare the tuna mousse

First, drain the tuna with a colander and pour it into a large bowl 1.

Then add the spreadable cheese 2.

Combine the anchovy fillets 3.

Rinse the capers and then add these too 4.

Perfume with oregano 5.

Pour in the juice of half a lemon 6.

Also add the lemon zest to give the mousse an extra touch of freshness 7.

Blend everything with the help of an immersion mixer 8.

At the end you will have to obtain a full-bodied and tasty mousse 9.

Cover the mousse with cling film 10 and leave to harden in the fridge for at least an hour.

Serve the mousse by spreading it on croutons, toast or crackers 11.


The tuna mousse can be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days, in an airtight container.

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