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Tzatziki: the original recipe for the traditional Greek sauce

Tzatziki: the original recipe for the traditional Greek sauce


The tzatziki it’s a dip easy and tasty, a symbolic recipe of Greek cuisine also widely used in the Balkans and the Middle East that is prepared in soles 10 minutes using three ingredients: greek yogurt, cucumbers my garlic. With a fresh and aromatic flavor, tzatziki lends itself to many different combinations: it is traditionally eaten as appetizer together with pita bread, or to accompany spicy dishes, in particular street food such as souvlaki and gyros, but also fish dishes, the typical Greek salad or both raw and cooked vegetables.

To obtain a creamy sauce with the right density, it is important to use whole-grain Greek yogurt, which, in addition to having a high percentage of fat, is very compact and full-bodied. For this reason, it is essential to let the grated cucumber drain well, so that it loses all the water from the vegetation, which otherwise would leave the tzatziki watery.

Some variations on the original recipe include the addition of onion or aromatic herbs, making it even more fragrant and irresistible: we have chosen fresh dill, but you can replace it with mint, chives or other herbs of your choice if you wish.

Find out how to prepare tzatziki sauce by following the step-by-step procedure and tips: serve it at a themed dinner along with other typical dishes such as moussaka, spanakopita and baklava. Once ready, you can store it in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap, for 3 days.

If you liked this recipe, also try the tirokafteri and the melitzanosalata, other tasty sauces from the Greek tradition, or the guacamole, which is instead of Mexican origin.


Extra virgin olive oil

For decoration (optional)

how to make tzatziki

Start preparing the tzatziki by finely grating the cucumber, then collect the pulp in a strainer 1 and let it drain for at least 30 minutes, so that it loses excess water.

Meanwhile, in a bowl we put the Greek yogurt and add the vinegar and grated garlic. 2.

Then season with a pinch of salt and a couple of tablespoons of oil. 3.

At this point add the cucumber, well drained and squeezed. 4. Mix everything together, then transfer the sauce to the refrigerator and let it sit for about an hour.

Your tzatziki sauce is ready: garnish with cucumber slices and fresh dill, finish with a drizzle of raw oil and serve 5.


The tzatziki sauce recipe can be customized to your liking: you can, for example, prepare a savory tzatziki without garlicadd lemon juice instead of vinegar or, for a touch of freshness, of ginger grated fresh. for a version lightInstead, you can choose low-fat Greek yogurt and reduce the amount of oil.

Alternatively, you can use homemade Greek yogurt, which will make your sauce even more flavorful and authentic.

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