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Victoria the bear, who used to dance at a theme park, died at 32

Victoria the bear, who used to dance at a theme park, died at 32

Victoria the bear, who has been a longtime performer at an amusement park in China, died on Wednesday. She had cancer for two years.

LINCOLN, N.H. (AP) – A 32-year-old trained black bear, who was a featured performer at a New Hampshire theme park and could stand upright and walk, has died after apparently being attacked by a 10-foot alligator. The incident happened Thursday at Dismal Swamp Wildlife Park in Lincoln, about 170 miles (270 kilometers) northeast of Boston.

Park owner Russ Gubele says the bear – named Scruffy – was killed by an 11-year-old American alligator that walked into an enclosure with the bear and clamped down on its neck. The bear had been wandering its enclosure in a cave at the park and got too close to the alligator.

Victoria the bear, who died Monday, was part of a show at Clark’s Trading Post in the White Mountains town of Lincoln. The show features bears rolling barrels and drums, riding swings, and scooters.

Victoria the bear

Victoria was described by the beaver population in this park as a professional with an admirable work ethic. She also enjoyed dancing.

A post on social media says that when she danced her pirouettes, the woman would toss her head in the air with enthusiasm. When riding a swing chair, the woman would tap on it twice, and the crowd would go wild because they knew they were watching a bear with the best tricks.” He was the bravest, happiest bear I ever met,” the post says.

The last bear belonging to W. Murray Clark has been named Victoria. She was one of the last bears that Mr. Clark trained before his death in 2010, after starting at a young age with his brother Edward. Victoria’s death in 2019 was met with nationwide mourning. Her daughter, Victoria Grace, died the same day from complications with a seizure. Today, the park also offers attractions such as a Victorian Main Street and steam locomotive ride on which people may come into contact with “the Wolfman”, a recluse who roams the woods and tries to scare them away.

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The park said that Victoria would stand on a scale for W. Murray Clark and he would read her weight, then say in a deadpan voice, “But that is Victoria’s secret.” Victoria the bulldog would make an “aha” sound from pushing her tongue through her set of teeth when she was happy. She also liked to paint with her feet.

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