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What to Know Before Traveling to the Rio Summer Olympics

If you plan to participate in the Olympics, the CDC recommends you go to a travel clinic a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks before leaving the United States.

Visiting a huge, third world city to attend a mass sporting occasion subjects you to many transmittable diseases, so your traveling medication professional will wish to guarantee you are current with all of your regular inoculations. This consists of inoculations for MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, as well as pertussis), varicella (hen pox) and also influenza. Your traveling health expert might also advise immunizations to stop Hepatitis An as well as B as well as typhoid.

The danger of Yellow Fever is really reduced in locations surrounding the Olympic locations, however a Yellow Fever injection may be suggested for people taking a trip to the indoor states of Brazil. Or, if your plan consists of taking a trip to various other nations, a Yellow Fever vaccination might be required for border crossings.

The threat of getting jungle fever in city Rio is likewise low, but the insects that transmit Dengue as well as Chikungunya Fever abound. Brazil is likewise the center of the present Zika infection break out, which is sent by the same insects. Women who are pregnant, or that might conceive, are advised to consider not traveling to Brazil as a result of the threat of severe birth defects connected to a Zika virus infection.

The CDC likewise advises men taking a trip to Brazil for the Olympics with an expectant partner usage prophylactics or not make love throughout the pregnancy. Travelers need to practice diligent bug bite preventative measures (outlined in a previous blog site) to prevent acquiring these hazardous illness to begin with.

One of the most typical ailment in vacationers checking out developing countries is tourists’ looseness of the bowels. Stay with food that is hot or well prepared, as well as never consume water in Brazil unless it is bottled or dealt with. Carbonated or alcoholic drinks are safe to consume, so unwind and delight in that beer at the stadium! Leave out the ice cubes, though, as those are frequently made with risky faucet water.

Tickets are still offered for most of the Olympic occasions, so if you haven’t currently planned to visit Rio this summertime, it’s not too late to enjoy an attractive location city as well as probably the world’s premier sporting event.Call us at(480)435-2774 with any of your traveling wellness questions, or look into our instructional site at

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