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Zimino cuttlefish: the recipe for an easy and tasty second fish dish

Zimino cuttlefish: the recipe for an easy and tasty second fish dish


Fresh cuttlefish already cleaned

tomato puree or ripe tomatoes in sauce

fresh chilli (optional)

Extra virgin olive oil

The Cuttlefish In Zimino I am a second dish of fish typical of Ligurian cuisine, especially Genoese, but also very widespread in Tuscany. With the term in ziminoor atinziminodoes not refer to a specific recipe, but designates a preparation cooked, with a thick and comforting consistency, with which it is possible to cook cuttlefish, cod and chickpeas with chard or spinach. Specifically, zimino cuttlefish are a healthy and tasty way to prepare fish with vegetables. The word seems to derive from Arabic ourswhich means “thick sauce”.

After drying the herbs, i.e. the still young chard and the small ribs, in a sauté pan, add the Tomato puree (or fresh tomatoes in summer) and the cuttlefish, cut into strips, and left to simmer for about thirty minutes until a soft, narrow and very tasty soup is obtained. Perfect for anyone family lunch oh dinner with friendsthe cuttlefish in zimino must be accompanied by croutons or slices of homemade fresh cheese: the slipper is, in fact, mandatory.

For the stir-fry, we used a red onion and chili pepper, but you can replace them with the classic fried enriched with carrot and celery. If you use some frozen cuttlefish instead of fresh fish, remember to thaw it in the refrigerator before use. As an alternative to chard, you can also use spinach for this dish.

Learn how to prepare zimino cuttlefish by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. Also try stewed cuttlefish and cuttlefish and beans.

How to prepare zimino cuttlefish

Chop the red onion with a knife and brown it with the chilli in a little oil in a large pan 1.

Add the herbs 2 and let them dry for about ten minutes, covering the pan with a lid.

In the meantime, clean the fish: deprive the cuttlefish of the superficial skin 3 and rinse them under cool running water.

Season the now wilted beets with salt and mix 4.

Pour the tomato puree 5 or diced fresh tomatoes and let steep for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, cut the bag of cuttlefish into several strips 6.

Add the fish to the sauce in the pan seven.

Flavor with a peppercorn 8cover with a lid leaving a vent and cook for about twenty minutes.

Serve the zimino cuttlefish hot with fresh or toasted bread 9.


It is advisable to prepare the cuttlefish in the zimino and eat them hot at the time. Alternatively, you can store them in the fridge, in a special airtight container, for up to a day.

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