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Zucchini fritters with mint: the recipe for a quick and fragrant appetizer

Zucchini fritters with mint: the recipe for a quick and fragrant appetizer

The zucchini pancakes with mint I’m an appetizer simple and fragrant: a variant of the fluffy zucchini pancakeswhich combines the delicacy of this vegetable with the fresh and pungent touch of mint.

The recipe to prepare them is quick and easy, and requires the use of a simple one table spoon: just add 00 flour, eggs, salt, pepper and mint to the grated zucchini, portion the dough with a spoon and to fry the pancakes for a few minutes in boiling oil, until they become golden e crunchy.

Ideal to be enjoyed also as contour or, in greater quantity, like according toare excellent in combination with a classic Mayo or to one allo yogurt sauce: they will amaze guests and will be appreciated by everyone, young and old.

In addition, to make them in a gluten-free version, you only have to replace the 00 flour with rice flour.

If you want to discover other ways to make zucchini tastier, you can try making zucchini too Greek-style zucchini frittersenriched with feta, or delicious Aubergine Meatballs fries

If, on the other hand, you appreciate the combination of zucchini and mint, you could try your hand at preparing At zucchini Poverella.

How to make courgette pancakes with mint

To prepare the mint courgettes, wash the courgettes, remove the ends and grate them 1.

For crispy pancakes, leave the courgettes to rest for an hour – to allow them to release excess water – and squeeze them gently with kitchen paper. Transfer them to a large bowl and season with the salt (2).

In another bowl, break the eggs, add the Parmesan, pepper and mint and mix the ingredients 3.

Add the zucchini and flour to the egg mixture and mix everything well 4.

Meanwhile, prepare a pan with seed oil and bring it to a temperature of around 180 ° C, ideal for frying. When the oil is hot, take a tablespoon of the mixture with the zucchini and add it to the pan 5.

Fry the pancakes until golden brown, a few minutes per side 6.

The mint zucchini fritters are ready to serve. You can decorate them with a few mint leaves if you prefer 7.


Mint zucchini pancakes can be preserved in the fridge per 2 days maximum, closed in an airtight container or covered with cling film. However, we recommend consuming them freshly fried, hot or lukewarm.

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