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Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Visit bryce canyon which is the american national park classified as being the most beautiful in the USA by the National Park Service (NPS). And it is also the favorite American park of the French. Just after reading this, we expected a lot from Bryce Canyon! Located about 100 miles from Zion Park, visits to these 2 parks therefore often follow one another in American road trips.


Bryce Canyon est open all year. In winter you may only have access to the amphitheater because the road through Bryce Canyon is closed when there is snow. The best time to go is May to November. Note that there is a pleasant climate there even in summer, and much less hot than in Zion for example.


Easiest is to access Bryce Canyon by car. This park is part of the Beautifull Pass (pass valid for 1 year, $80, to be purchased during your first visit to an American national park).

At the entrance to the park, the Ranger will give you a map and guide to the park.

Inside the park there is free shuttles which can lead you to different points of view. You will also find there a small convenience store, a laundry et showers!


In the park, you will find a hotel, expensive and to be reserved in advance. Outside the park you will find many others: from motels to more chic hotels.

You also have l’option camping. The park has 2 of them with a large number of pitches. These 2 campsites have a certain number of pitches bookable on the internet 240 days before, and other locations that operate at ” 1st come, 1st served ».

We really recommend you to spend a night in Bryce Canyon, because it is at sunrise and sunset that you will have the most beautiful colors on the Hoodoos which make the reputation of the park.


The most interesting thing is to see the viewpoints on the amphitheater. This is where there are the most hoodoos.
But if you have more time, you can take short walks and walk along the entire Scenic drive.

Scenic drive

A 17-mile route, which crosses Bryce Canyon and serves several viewpoints. We advise you to go straight to miles 17: RainbowPoint. And come back to the amphitheater (miles 1) stopping at each viewpoint. Thus, you will go from the Point of view the ” less beautiful » au « more beautiful “. This should take you a good hour.


The place you came for in Bryce Canyon. You have 4 viewpoints: Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Sunrise Point and Sunset Point.

Come at sunrise to Sunrise Pointand at sunset at Sunset Point. You will see the top of the hoodoos lit by the light of the rising or setting sun. The colors really pop, and those are the times of day when you’ll get the best shots.


You won’t have a long, multi-hour hike in Bryce Canyon. On the other hand you will have several small ballads of one hour and a few.

The Grand Canyon in the USA - May 28, 2024

The one we really recommend, is to go down at the end of the afternoon in the amphitheater to see the hoodoos seen from below. Some hoodoos have names: Queen’s Victoria, Wall Street, Thor’s Hammer… It’s crazy how imaginative Americans can be sometimes :p! You will have the choice to adapt your ride as you wish, because several loops are possible. This is what we preferred do in Bryce Canyon, for us it is a must! That’s the thing to do.


Carte de Bryce Canyon

Visitor Center

Do not hesitate to go for a walk at the Visitor Center. The Rangers will be able to give you information about the park, and guide you for the hikes to be done. But also take the time to read the information panels that explain all the geological phenomenon and the formation of Bryce Canyon. It’s very interesting!


We therefore agree that Bryce Canyon is a must on a road trip in the USA. However, we will not classify this park as ” number one ». Certainly the landscapes are magnificent and very spectacular, but we missed something. Maybe we find it too “easy”, and not “deserving” enough, to just have to get out of your car to observe beautiful viewpoints! We really advise you to spend a night there for the sunrisewhich we preferred at bedtime.

Visit Bryce Canyon: Our little guide with map and advice

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