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Coffee milkshake: the recipe for the creamy snack

Coffee milkshake: the recipe for the creamy snack


The coffee milkshake it is a tasty and creamy drink, to be enjoyed for a sweet break, alone or in company. It is prepared in a few minutes, does not require cooking and is served in a glass, ready to enjoy. You can eat it as it is or decorated: choose between a little whipped cream or chocolate chips to make it more delicious.

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How to prepare coffee milkshake

Pour the instant coffee, icing sugar and hot water into a bowl.

Mix using a strainer to thicken the mixture.

Once you have obtained a cream, pour it into a glass with ice. Add the milk and decorate with the whipped cream.

Why not also add a sprinkling of bitter cocoa, to make it even more delicious?

If there is any leftover, put it in the fridge; remember, however, to consume it by the end of the day at the latest.

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