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Forget the jet. The ‘world’s first private helicopter’ is hitting the skies next year

Forget the jet. The ‘world’s first private helicopter’ is hitting the skies next year

Designed for personal use, the Hill HX50 chopper starts at roughly $648,000. Hill Helicopters has been experiencing remarkable success recently with its fleet of helicopters and its latest offering promises to fly off the shelf soon.

The UK-based company has unveiled what it claims is the “world’s first fully private helicopter.” The brainchild of chief engineer Jason Hill, the new Hill HX50 is designed specifically for private owners, rather than fleet operators.

first private helicopter

Hill’s newest owner is able to see and learn about its production facilities that enable it to create a custom machine for each client. DIY personal helicopters are a great way to customize your ride and take advantage of the latest advances in tech. This is an excellent project for businesses who want to stay on top of the industry or for parents who want their children to be involved with something fun!

This helicopter is equipped with a three-blade rotor system and an engine based on the GT50. Such features make it ideal for both commercial and military applications. This chopper is powered by a 600-horsepower engine and has retractable landing gears to reduce drag. The aircraft also has a cruise speed of 161mph and a range of up to 806 miles.

The chopper also referred to as a drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is sleek, futuristic, and features various attention-grabbing colors.

first private helicopter

Inside this plane, you can find the cockpit, which boasts plenty of room for more than just pilots. For anyone looking to forget the outside world and enjoy themselves in their own private space, it’s perfect.

On the price front, the HX 50 starts at roughly $650,000 (£496,000). Production of each helicopter is due to start in 2023. Delivery will depend on when you place your order.

Step one of the process: Configure your very own HX50. You can even customize the color, style, and materials! The next stage of the process will require a $200 deposit to secure your order.

Check out more photos below:

first private helicopter first private helicopter

first private helicopter

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