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Our Editors’ Picks of the Best New Hotels in the World in 2022

Our Editors’ Picks of the Best New Hotels in the World in 2022

Our Editors’ Picks of the Best New Hotels in the World


1. Capella Hanoi — Vietnam

Best New Hotels in the World

“Tinh tế” is the Vietnamese word for “one who knows and cares.” “Tinh tế” highlights attention and consideration when doing something or having a state of mind. Capella Hanoi has both meanings – it can mean one who is selective or cautious in their thinking. It is the sixth hotel of this brand, and it’s the first in Southeast Asia.

As a first-time visitor to Hanoi, you’ll know right away it’s an ideal choice for your trip because it’s one of the most convenient locations for top-notch properties in town. The building is originally a turn-of-the-century opera house.

Architect Bill Bensley used his meticulous eye to incorporate some of that early 20th-century atmosphere via decorative details: paintings of theater scenes adorn guest room walls and ceilings, and the floors have the original marble paving Molds that were once used by performers can be found in many different areas of your property. If you can’t get enough of your time traveling spirit, head to Diva’s Lounge, where you’ll find a vintage zinc bar and custom-made furniture that’ll take you back to the 1920s.

2. Joali Being — Maldives

Best New Hotels in the World

Experts in the field of wellness are noticing that people are looking for new ways to connect and engage in different activities. People are excited to live a healthy lifestyle and become part of the movement by visiting these art-immersive, wellness-focused retreats. These new retreats provide an experience unlike anything ever before!

The resort has a professional staff focused on four pillars: mind, skin, microbiome, and energy. “With our exclusive Wi-Fi and onsite plunge pools, Wi Nature Resort allows our guests to unplug and decompress during their escape.”The dining options are also meant to promote a balanced, clean lifestyle by providing vegetarian and vegan dining options & “earth-to-table” cuisine.

The Silver Swan Spa’s accommodations are not only really nice, but they also have some really great perks – like multiple treatments, such as Watsu therapy pools, sensory deprivation chambers, and herbs. I’m glad you enjoyed your cruise in the Caribbean last week and you found this little spot. There are unique moments on every travels, so take this chance to have a special event.

3. The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

Best New Hotels in the WorldDaring is a word seldom used to describe the beach resorts of the Maldives. Considered by some to have an identical design philosophy, the Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands was designed by Australian architect Kerry Hill. He created the sleek, circular villas that sit over the water while being powered by solar. Each one comes with an in-house swimming pool and spa.

This is the second resort on this man-made archipelago “village” in the Fari islands of three private-island resorts. The sustainable & community-focused settings attract many vacationers while being innovative with their programming. The hotel offers guests a variety of dining options with excellent Italian & Cantonese restaurants.

There is also shopping and an array of enrichment programs to choose from in an effort to keep guests engaged. Visit to learn more about the Ambassadors of the Environment program, which offers hands-on education from Jean-Michel Cousteau at a value of $1,825! Kids will be able to visit classrooms and participate in field explorations with their teachers that are led by Jean-Michel himself

4. The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko — Japan

Best New Hotels in the World

Ritz Carlton, Nestled between natural surroundings, was built for humans to blend in and feel free. With a short distance from the UNESCO World Heritage spot of Japan, it is also conveniently located within easy access for tourism purposes. The Matsuya Hotel in Tokyo draws on local cedar, Kanuma-style wood latticework, and Nikko-style woodcarving, which give the hotel its elegant design. You’ll also find floor-to-ceiling windows & balconies in every room.

If you want to lounge over a delicious Japanese breakfast or indulge in the hot-spring baths, the exquisite room is there to welcome you. If you’re looking for something new, the excellent staff is there to offer services that will make your stay unforgettable. As one of the cheapest accommodations in Sawadakan, the property lets guests take advantage of all that their region has to offer. Notable activities like woodcarving lessons, temple walks, and monk-led zazen meditation are offered at discounted prices.

Guests can bike around historic hills in the area for a fun day of countryside exploration with double occupancy rooms starting at $77.18. Give your selfie game a break with a stay at the Sofitel Legend MetzThere’s nothing like checking in to the Sofitel Legend Metz with a view of the cathedral, and this hotel offers that opportunity for 30% less than other downtown hotels with exclusives like access to a rooftop pool and lounge area.

The hotel is also near many museums, including the Lourve, as well as public transportation and central Metz.Hilton Madrid AirportAn all-inclusive option with a variety of amenities, the Hilton Madrid Airport is close to Madrid’s international airport and offers rooms starting at $144 per night.

5. Roku Kyoto, LXR Hotels & Resorts — Japan

best new hotels in the world

A new location has opened up in Kyoto, Japan. The Hotel reflects the natural surroundings of the area—Okitayama Park, Tenjin River, and striking cedar trees all throughout. Delighting in a feeling of tranquility that you can almost feel lingering all throughout. The resort brings in rising business, thanks to its ability to appeal to budding artists.

The interior decor is excellent and reflects local artisanship. Plus, the ceramic teapots make for a nice touch. Guests at the hotel can take advantage of the concierge services in order to experience certain aspects of the resort. The concierge features a wide variety of activities, including archery, cooking lessons, and overnight hikes with Buddhist monks who will lead you up and down Mt. Fuji. The natural hot springs are at a destination you won’t want to miss.

They provide a heightened sensation as soon as you enter and feature views of the beautiful landscape that make it all more spectacular. Whether you’re an avid French foodie or just want to try something new, chef Akira Taniguchi will surely have options that satisfy your palette. For planned events that include dinner, call (718) 723-8849 to make a reservation. Dish up dinner at Akira’s Japanese Cuisine and enjoy authentic Japanese fare with a twist.

5. Six Senses Fort Barwara — Rajasthan, India

best new hotels in the world

Here you’ll find yourself surrounded by the history of a Rajasthani royal family. This beautiful 14th-century hilltop garrison has been restored to its former glory and is better than new! Inside the 700-year-old walls of Ganesh Talai, there are lush gardens filled with native plants and palm trees. There are two swimming pools and 48 suites, which all have views of either the starkly beautiful Rajasthani countryside or Barwara village, which lies a three-hour drive away.

Ayurvedas are increasingly popular in the wellness sector, so a lot of spas are getting into the trend. Six Senses boasts 30,000 square feet for treatments like ayurvedic therapies and yoga. And in the property’s three restaurants, you’ll find food that feeds the soul! The ingredients used are gathered from local farms and the garden which is on-site. The offer of a $595 double is incredible.

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