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Casa Silencio Opens in Oaxaca, Mexico: A Modern Temple to an Ancient Tradition

From the masterminds behind the award-winning spirit brand Mezcal El Silencio, comes a groundbreaking, eco-minded resort set at the brand name’s distillery, deep in the valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico. Situated roughly 45 miles southeast of the City of Oaxaca, the 9 1/2 -acre territory weaves the magic of the region with the manufacturing of the native, single agave spirit throughout a sustainable mezcal distillery and 6 luxury visitor collections. Casa Silenciosupplies a distinctively immersive guest experience soaked in old folklore as well as necromancy behind the development as well as usage of mezcal.

Lasting Design Informed by The Spirit of Oaxaca

Snuggled in the Valley of Xaaga, nicknamed The Valley of Silence, Casa Silencio is the creation of El Silencio founders, Vicente Cisneros and also Fausto Zapata. With a clear vision to equate the brand’s “made-by-hand” values right into a shop hotel, Cisneros and also Zapata teamed up closely with Alejandro D’Acosta, a Mexican engineer famous for his cutting-edge method to sustainable construction utilizing raw and also recovered materials.

Instead of referencing a current architecture fad or predisposed visual, D’Acosta and the creators attracted motivation straight from Oaxaca, substantial journeys through Mexico’s wine nation as well as the distilleries of Scotland to supply an experiential, luxury hotel deeply connected to local history. The result is a stunning tribute to the mystical landscape in which the residential property arises, complete with striking rooms, raised features and also inquisitiveness tucked into unexpected corners.

Adhering to a concept of “closed door” architecture, Casa Silencio was created with a mix of old and also modern methods using primarily in your area sourced materials. The wall surfaces are made from rammed earth (known as “tapial” in Spanish) with neighborhood soil; the ceilings are crafted from recycled timber; and also all energy is powered by photovoltaic panels. A totally self-reliant residential or commercial property, Casa Silencio welcomes a ‘no-waste’ policy, implying there is no trash left on-site and also every single product is repurposed in an useful kind. Rainwater harvesting and water reuse systems are executed to feed the mezcal manufacturing plant, hotel and restaurant.

As if veiled by mystery, the greatness of Casa Silencio is evident from the moment the building emerges as visitors descend from the main road into the valley. Upon arrival, a collection of “welcoming plazas” that include enormous, one-ton rock monolith sculptures, pave the way to expansive views of the hilly environments and also the substantial, yet understated landscape. The exterior grounds host a selection of public event spaces consisting of a plunge swimming pool and also bonfire pits, as well as mezcal manufacturing locations.


To infuse Casa Silencio’s interiors with the richly artisanal spirit of the area, Cisneros and also Zapata signed up with pressures with renowned developer Martina D’Acosta. Driven by Cisneros’ interest to sustain arising regional skill, the premium furnishings, artwork, things, as well as other attractive components located throughout the building’s public rooms as well as guest areas are almost all directly and specifically produced by neighborhood artisans and also craftspeople from in and around Xaaga. Examples consist of rugs designed and also generated in Teotitlán del Valle; curtains pedal-loomed by the Hernandez Quero family in Mitla; rock items carved in San Salvador El Seco; and abstract wooden items made in Huayapam. A collection concealed right into among the lots of explorable edges of Casa Silencio residences publications authored only by Mexican authors and musicians, all hand-selected by Cisneros and D’Acosta. Natural materials such as steel, wood and rock complemented by a soft, irritable color design honor the ‘defiant spirit’ of Oaxaca and bring the outdoors in.

All 6, breathtakingly appointed guest collections are geometrically created over 2 stories and selected with furniture, bespoke art, textiles, and design that provide refined nods to the mezcal production process. Accents include scorched timber furnishings, distressed leather, artisanal candles, hand-woven wool carpets, velvet furniture, and copper lamps. Spaces vary in dimension and also design, with some covering two floors and also featuring inviting, living area spaces with fire places. Resembling the minimalist visual, spa-like washrooms include walk-in showers and also monolith rock sinks. Inspiring a feeling of exploration at every turn, one suite consists of a thrilling restroom covered in a mosaic wall made completely of recycled El Silencio containers, developing a photo of an Alebrije – the brand name logo design.

The DistilleryAt

the heart of Casa Silencio lives a distinctive, lasting distillery or “Palenque” that keeps an eye out to the surrounding mountains and agave-studded valley. The functioning distillery is both the symbolic as well as operational backbone of the hotel.

El Silencio’s groundbreaking manufacturing procedure sees the piñas of the agave plant roasted in ovens over ground for 4 to six days, a practice enhanced to alleviate the physical burden on workers. Instead of being pulled by a donkey or burro, Casa Silencio’s distinctive, 1,000-pound tahona revolves utilizing a mechanized system that leverages solar power, offering a more hygienic as well as gentle solution to standard methods. The distillery’s open-air, round roof covering welcomes in natural sunshine to fuel this process. The agave pulp is after that put into barrel-like “vats”for the al fresco fermentation process, transforming the sugars into alcohol. Fibers as well as liquid are then double distilled to produce the wonderfully handmade, artisanal Mezcal El Silencio.

Providing an absolutely hands-on experience, visitors are motivated to take part in the production by slicing as well as throwing piñas of agave right into the ovens together with generational mezcaleros. The distillery introduces the home’s remarkable, indoor-outdoor public dining room where visitors can see the production process, and also where exclusive mezcal samplings are paired with bites commissioned to Rodolfo Castellanos, the first winner of Top Chef Mexico and also proprietor of among Oaxaca’s finest restaurants, Origen. Influenced by indigenous Oaxacan food, attacks include Cacao Ganache with Cacao Nibs; Orange Gummy with Worm Chile; Pumpkin Seed Paste with Recado Negro, all deconstructed by the brand’s vision to create an unrivaled tasting experience. Along with El Silencio’s trademark Espadin as well as Ensamble offerings, guests can indulge in unusual, specialty mezcals only available at Casa Silencio.

An Ancestral-Inspired Dining Experience

Using a vibrantly authentic Oaxacan culinary experience, in addition to sweeping sights of the bordering mountains and also valley, eating at Casa Silencio is a sensorial wonder. Led by Executive Chef Daniel Robles Sumano, who’s work in dining establishments in Paris, Belgium as well as Barcelona make him among the most flexible cooks in Oaxaca, the food at Casa Silencio is matched only by where it is offered. The indoor-outdoor dining area is secured by a 53-foot-long public table constructed from a single 17-ton piece of hand-cut lava. The table, which seats approximately 45, prolongs from the center of the dining room to the exterior patio area and is shaded by an abstract wooden awning motivated by alebrijes. Multi-course dishes illuminated by candlelight and a boundless cover of desert celebrities produce a natural background evocative of the ancestral spirit of the region.

Experiencing the Magic In & Around Casa Silencio

From music to style, art to movie theater, food to cinema, speaking involvements to mixed drink making, Casa Silencio will boast a comprehensive calendar of events which will certainly unite resort visitors along with visitors and locals of Oaxaca.

Visitors are urged to discover the culturally vivid bordering areas of Xaaga and also greater Oaxaca via led trips that can be coordinated straight via the resort. Unique field trip, distillery trips as well as tastings are likewise available to those not remaining on website, making Casa Silencio a magical haven to tourists looking for to submerse themselves right into the fascinating world of mezcal.

Enabling guests to bring home a piece of Oaxacan magic, Casa Silencio’s Gift Shop curates an ever-changing assortment of precious jewelry, fashion/home devices, sculptures, flower holders, candle lights, and also fragrances by local Oaxacan craftsmens, a number of whom have actually created commissioned works for the property, along with specialty bottles of Mezcal El Silencio as well as top quality accessories.

An Intentional Emphasis on CommunityThe Oaxacan area has actually been greatly and inherently instilled in the El Silencio story. In Xaaga, farming is a financial staple, and also the agave plant has actually worked as a substantial expression of the symbiotic partnership in between the land as well as its individuals for thousands of years. As citizens familiarized this job, many decided to grow agaves in expectancy of the brand’s need for the prodigal plant. El Silencio considers their next-door neighbors long-term partners in the vitality of Casa Silencio and provides opportunities to support continual financial growth by developing regional work, permitting those in the area to help a reasonable wage and also remain near to their households. TO BOOK: Rates at Casa Silencio are based upon double occupancy as well as begin at$1,000

a night for an exclusive suite including breakfast, lunch, and supper, an official El Silencio Mezcal tasting, a trip of the palenque, perpetual pours of all Silencio spirits and alcoholic drinks as well as access to all features on the building grounds. Casa Silencio will officially open its doors on September 15, 2021. To learn more about Casa Silencio or to make an appointment, please see Image credit rating: Freddy Rubio

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