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The 15 Deepest Lakes in the USA

There are many deep lakes unfold throughout the globe. From Russia’s well-known Lake Baikal right down to Lake Matano in Indonesia, these water-filled inland basins present a house to 1000’s of ecosystems and supply wealthy water sources to hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe. There are a whole lot of 1000’s of pure and man-made lakes situated in numerous states in the USA alone. These lakes range in floor space and depth, so which lakes do you suppose are the deepest in the USA? In case you are seeking to see or expertise a deep lake, the excellent news is you gained’t must journey throughout continents to search out one. This text will discover the 15 deepest lakes within the U.S. and different fascinating info about them.

The 15 Deepest Lakes in the USA

Earlier than we start, right here’s an inventory of the 15 deepest lakes in the USA:

  1. Crater Lake, Oregon (1,943 ft)
  2. Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California (1,645 ft)
  3. Lake Chelan, Washington (1,486 ft)
  4. Lake Superior, Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota (1,333 ft)
  5. Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho (1,150)
  6. Illiamna, Alaska (988 ft)
  7. Tustumena, Alaska (950 ft)
  8. Lake Michigan, Illinois/Indiana/Wisconsin/Michigan (922 ft)
  9. Lake Clark, Alaska (870 ft)
  10. Lake Ontario, New York (801 ft)
  11. Katmai Crater Lake, Alaska (800 ft)
  12. Lake Huron, Michigan (751 ft)
  13. Lake Oroville, California (695 ft)
  14. Dworshak Reservoir, Idaho (636 ft)
  15. Lake Crescent, Washington (624 ft)

Now that we’ve seen the 15 deepest lakes in the USA, let’s check out among the most fascinating lakes throughout the nation, starting from 1,943 ft to some shallower lakes which can be nonetheless value your consideration.

1. Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake is the deepest lake within the U.S. and the ninth deepest globally.


Because the deepest lake in all the nation, Crater Lake ranks the ninth deepest lake globally and the second deepest lake in North America. Crater Lake has a most depth of 1,943 ft or 594 meters and is understood for its extremely blue-hued waters. Regardless of the lake’s depth, it nonetheless manages to maintain its wealthy blue hue as there aren’t any different entrances or waterways to ship salt, particles, or mineral deposits into the lake. The lake’s water is totally wonderful and pristine as all its water comes instantly from snow or rain. As Crater Lake preserves all its 18.7 cubic kilometers of water pure and clear, additionally it is thought of certainly one of Earth’s cleanest and clearest lakes. The lake is an precise crater lake and likewise boasts a wonderful magnificence, making it one of the visited and sought-after sights within the Crater Nationwide Park, the place vacationers can expertise swimming in accepted spots. 

2. Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California

Lake Tahoe
With a most depth of 1645 ft, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the USA.


Measuring a most depth of 1,645 ft or 501 meters, Lake Tahoe ranks the second deepest lake within the nation and the fourth deepest in North America. Lake Tahoe sits within the Sierra Nevada, between Nevada and California. With a quantity of 150.7 cubic kilometers, additionally it is one of many largest lakes within the nation by water quantity. This alpine lake additionally separates itself from different lakes within the U.S. due to its well-known pure water. Lake Tahoe accommodates one of many cleanest waters globally with a proportion of 99.994%, just some factors behind distilled water with 99.998% customary purity.

3. Lake Chelan, Washington

1653663812 849 Inland Wonders 14 of the Clearest Lakes in the US - August 9, 2022
The third deepest lake within the U.S. is Lake Chelan.

Lake Chelan ranks because the third deepest lake in the USA, the sixth deepest in North America, and the twenty fifth on the planet. Its deepest level measures 1,486 ft or 453 meters down, situated at its second basin. The lake contains two basins, with one considerably shallower than the opposite. Lake Chelan is slender, measuring about 50.5 miles lengthy, and is situated in Chelan County, Washington. Lake Chelan additionally holds the title of the most important lake within the state in all classes. A spread of mountains surrounding the glacier-fed lake additionally enhances its pure magnificence.

4. Lake Superior, Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota/Canada

1653032933 701 10 Incredible Lakes in Northern Michigan - August 9, 2022
Lake Superior has 10% of the world’s floor contemporary water and is the fourth deepest lake within the U.S.

Elena Elisseeva/

Lake Superior is the most important and deepest among the many 5 North American Nice Lakes. It additionally holds the very best water quantity, which isn’t shocking because it accommodates 10% of the Earth’s freshwater. Aside from the lake’s expansive floor space, it additionally boasts an unbelievable depth of 1,333 ft or 406 meters, making it the fourth deepest lake within the U.S. and the eighth deepest in North America. Lake Superior has a wowing floor space of 31,700 sq. miles, with a water quantity of two,900 cubic miles. It’s mentioned that emptying the lake at its present move charge would take virtually two centuries! Regardless of the lake’s breathtaking depth, it nonetheless prides itself on crystal clear waters with a mean underwater visibility of 27 ft or 8.2 meters. Lake Superior touches three U.S states, particularly Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and the province of Ontario in Canada.

5. Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho

Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho
Lake Pend Oreille is 350 meters deep and is the fifth deepest lake within the U.S.

Jeffrey T. Kreulen/

With a most depth that reaches 1,150 ft or 350 meters deep, Lake Pend Oreille within the Northern Idaho Panhandle ranks because the fifth deepest lake in the USA and ninth in North America. Lake Pend Oreille measures 383 sq. kilometers in floor space, making it the most important lake in Idaho. The lake additionally boasts a formidable historical past that began as early because the Ice Age. As melted glaciers fashioned it, this pure lake has supplied water and different capabilities since pre-recorded historical past.

6. Iliamna Lake, Alaska

1653685973 179 Massive Lakes The 10 Largest Lakes by Volume in the - August 9, 2022
The biggest lake in Alaska and the third largest inside the U.S. is Iliamna Lake.


The Iliamna Lake is the most important lake in Alaska and the third largest lake utterly inside U.S. territory. Its deepest level measures as much as 988 ft or 301 meters and accommodates a water quantity of 27.2 cubic miles or 115 cubic kilometers. It additionally ranks because the twenty fourth largest lake in North America, with a floor space of two,622 sq. kilometers. 

7. Lake Michigan, Illinois/Indiana/Wisconsin/Michigan

Americas Most Extreme Lakes - August 9, 2022
Going as deep as 923 ft, Lake Michigan is the seventh deepest lake in the USA.

Sean Pavone/

Lake Michigan is without doubt one of the largest lakes in the USA that’s totally inside the nation’s territory. Not like the opposite Nice Lakes, Lake Michigan doesn’t contact different areas in North America besides the states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. With a most depth of 923 ft or 281 meters, it is without doubt one of the deepest lakes in the usand North America. The lake has loads of tributaries that assist fill the lake’s one quadrillion gallons of water.

8. Lake Ontario, Ontario/New York

1653184019 780 Biggest of the Great Lakes Ranking them From Largest to - August 9, 2022
Lake Ontario is the smallest Nice Lake and is without doubt one of the deepest within the U.S.

Michael J. Eves/

Whereas Lake Ontario is the smallest among the many 5 Nice Lakes by floor space, it certain is without doubt one of the deepest amongst all lakes within the U.S. Having the deepest level of 802 ft or 244 meters, Lake Ontario has one of many deepest factors in North America. This Nice Lake is shared by two international locations – the USA and Canada – via New York and Ontario. 

9. Lake Huron, Michigan/Ontario

1653032933 996 10 Incredible Lakes in Northern Michigan - August 9, 2022
Lake Huron is a big lake that’s related with Lake Michigan.

EB Journey Pictures/

Lake Huron is the second-largest North American Nice Lake and one of many United States’ deepest lakes, with the deepest level measuring 750 ft or 230 meters down. It’s situated in the usstate of Michigan and Ontario, Canada. Lake Huron connects not directly to Lake Michigan through the 5-mile-wide, 120-feet-deep Strait of Mackinac. When measured by floor space, Lake Huron snags the fourth spot within the largest lakes on the planet.

10. Seneca Lake, New York

The 15 Deepest Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
Seneca Lake is the deepest glacial lake in New York, boasting a depth of 616 ft.

Nova Optics/

Boasting a most depth of 616 ft or 188 meters, Seneca Lake makes it to the highest 10 deepest lakes within the U.S. Seneca Lake is the deepest glacial lake in New York, however additionally it is well-known for its lake trout abundance. It’s dubbed because the lake trout capital of the world and hosts the annual Nationwide Lake Trout Derby. Seneca Lake is among the many Finger Lakes in New York, and the second-longest among the many eleven featured slender lakes.

11. Lake Willoughby, Vermont

1653942466 955 The 15 Deepest Lakes in the United States - August 9, 2022
Measuring 328 ft deep, Lake Willoughby is the eleventh deepest lake in the USA.

Lake Willoughby is a glacial lake that measures 328 ft or 100 meters deep and sits within the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The lake is neighbored by a bunch of forests known as the “Willoughby Hole” and sports activities a number of public seashores stretching 0.25 miles within the lake outlet zone. 

12. Lake Erie, Pennsylvania/Ohio/New York/Michigan

1653168289 716 Americas Most Extreme Lakes - August 9, 2022
Recognized for its wild climate, Lake Erie boasts a depth of 210 ft.


Lake Erie is the smallest North American Nice Lake by water quantity. Additionally it is the shallowest among the many Nice Lakes. Nonetheless, it ranks as one of many deepest amongst all lakes within the U.S. Lake Erie boasts a most depth of 210 ft or 64 meters and touches the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Michigan, and the Canadian province of Ontario.

13. Lake of the Woods, Ontario/Minnesota

Land of Lakes The 20 Largest Lakes in Minnesota - August 9, 2022

Like Lake Erie, the Lake of the Woods has a most depth of 210 ft or 64 meters. It occupies elements of Ontario and Manitoba in Canada and the state of Minnesota. The lake has a floor space of 70 miles and possesses tens of 1000’s of islands that collectively compose about 65,000 miles of shorelines. 

14. Lake Norman, North Carolina

1653762945 578 The 10 Biggest Lakes in North Carolina - August 9, 2022
Lake Norman is the most important man-made freshwater lake in North Carolina.

Lake Norman is a man-made lake that may be present in North Carolina. Additionally it is the most important man-made freshwater lake within the state, measuring 33.6 miles lengthy and 9 miles large. With a most depth of 131 ft or 40 meters, Lake Norman is without doubt one of the United States’ deepest lakes. The lake powers the turbines on the hydroelectric dams offering electrical energy to the Piedmont space of the Carolinas. 

15. Lake Itasca, Minnesota

1653593328 784 How are Rivers Formed - August 9, 2022

Lake Itasca could also be small, having only one.8 miles of floor space, nevertheless it is without doubt one of the deepest lakes within the nation. Its deepest level reaches 39 ft or 12 meters, and its waters are famous for being the headwater of the Mississippi River. Lake Itasca is a glacial lake situated in north-central Minnesota that gives a house to the College of Minnesota’s laboratories for biology. 

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