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Bloody Mary: the original cocktail recipe with tomato juice

Bloody Mary: the original cocktail recipe with tomato juice

He bloody mary is a cocktail made from vodka e tomato juice with a typical intense red color, which is characterized by the taste spicy conferred on him by Tabasco and of worcestershire salsaand which is decorated with a celery.

Tasted lightly bitterit is a long drink, excellent forevening aperitifbut often also tasted Morningespecially in England, as “come get me“, by “pull yourself up“after the alcoholic excesses of the day before.

Making Bloody Mary at home is very simple, but we advise you to use top quality ingredients, which allow you to obtain a drink with a spicy and typical taste. spicyconferred respectively by tabasco, made from vinegar and salt, and by Worcestershire sauce.

To prepare this long drink to perfection you will need one strainerthe typical bartender’s colander, two other cupsAnd bar spoon and, if you have it, a jiggeruseful for measuring the alcoholic part.

Regarding the history of the Bloody Mary, voices diverge: some date it back to the end of the 1930s, attributing it to George Jesselwho attributes paternity to Fernand Petiot, who considers it a variant of the Mary Pickford cocktail and, finally, who attributes to it theorigin of the name to the queen Mary TudorThis “the bloodthirsty“, for the ferocity with which he persecuted the Anglican Protestants. In any case, the Bloody Mary is still very much appreciated today, so much so that it is the basis of many variations, without alcohol and without alcohol: it is perfect for serving with a vegetable vinaigrette, a charcuterie and cheese platter or meat dishes.

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How to prepare the Bloody Mary

To prepare the Bloody Mary, pour the tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, vodka, two drops of tabasco, a pinch of salt and pepper into a tall glass 1. Gently stir clockwise with the bar spoon for about 30 seconds.

Strain everything into another large beaker using a strainer or a normal strainer 2.

Add more ice if you want to enjoy it colder 3. Give a final mix of 30/40 seconds.

Garnish with a stalk of celery: the Bloody Mary is ready to be served 4.


If you don’t have the tomato juice or it is not easy for you to get it, you can do it at home, passing the diced fresh tomatoes through a vegetable mill. Once the juice has been extracted from the tomatoes, pass it through a fine-mesh sieve for a smooth and even result.


The Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail, and as such, you can find it in many variations. The best known is certainly the Virgin Marywithout alcohol, but Mary Ruddywith gin instead of vodka, and the bloody maria, which replaces vodka with Tequila or Mescal. If you are in Japan though, feel free to order one bloody geishacon sake instead of vodka. Of course, nothing prevents you from modulating the doses of vodka according to your tastes and, if you do not like spicy flavors, to omit Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce.

History of Bloody Mery and origin of the name

According to some, the paternity of the Bloody Mary would be attributed to the actor George Jesselwho would have invented it 1939. But France also claims the origin of this cocktail, attributed to Fernand Petiot who on New Yorker Magazine of July 1964, wrote that he had brought today’s Bloody Mary to life, by adding tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to Jessel’s recipe.

The name refers to the blood red color of the cocktail, but the epithet “bloody mary“is attributed to some female characters in the story, first of all the queen Mary I of England, otherwise known as “La Sanguinaria”. According to others, however, he was the star of Hollywood Mary Pickford for having inspired this cocktail which previously – in its rum, grenadine and maraschino version – bore his name.

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