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Was the Mississippi River Actually Residence to a Huge 736-Pound Catfish?

In 2016, revealed an article containing photos of a 736-pound catfish rumored to have been caught by fishermen within the Mississippi River. This text takes an in depth and factual look into the rumor. Was the Mississippi River actually house to an enormous 736-pound catfish? Let’s discover out.

Was the Mississippi River Actually Residence to a Huge 736-Pound Catfish?

The rumors a couple of large 736-pound catfish caught within the Mississippi river are false.

Milen Mkv/

RiverBender’s article detailed that the catfish weighed in at 736 kilos. This is among the main loopholes within the declare as the one catfish identified to be practically that measurement is the Mekong large catfish. The most important Mekong large catfish ever recorded weighed 646 kilos. Nevertheless, this catfish is barely present in just a few elements of Asia, so there isn’t any probability of them being discovered within the Mississippi.

One other strike towards this rumor is within the picture itself. A easy look at it reveals that this can be very photoshopped. The “fisherman’s” boots look nearly like a cartoon. When in comparison with photos of different giant fishes which might be really on the file, this catfish pales vastly.

Our final piece of proof might be discovered on, a well-regarded reference web site for finding out myths and rumors. Snopes charges the rumor of the 736-pound catfish as false.

So why did this rumor blow up, you would possibly marvel. The reply is straightforward: Hundreds of tales and myths inform tales of monstrous giant catfishes lurking within the depths of the Mississippi. You’d most likely imagine a rumor in the event you noticed “photos” and had heard bedtime tales of all of them your life.

What’s the Largest Catfish Caught within the Mississippi?

Blue Catfish
The most important catfish caught within the Mississippi was a blue catfish that weighed 131 kilos.

M Huston/

In response to the Guardian, the title of the biggest catfish caught within the Mississippi belongs to a 131-pound blue catfish caught this very yr. Eugene Cronley reeled the “monster catfish” in after a 40-minute tussle and was amazed by its measurement. He had by no means seen something as giant!

To cite from the article revealed within the Guardian, Eugene Cronley “smashed a state file after catching a “monster” catfish weighing in at 131 lbs (59.4 kilograms)”.

Cronley’s catch was formally recorded by The Mississippi Division of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. In response to the division officers, his catch broke the file which was beforehand held by a 101-pound catfish caught in 1997 by two individuals. Each fishes had been caught within the Mississippi River, so in the event you’re looking out for a big catfish of your personal, you now know the place to get began.

Blue Catfish (Ictalurus furcatus)

Blue Catfish
Blue catfish have smooth silvery-blue skins.

M Huston/

Blue catfish get their nam from their smooth silvery-blue skins. They’re giant and robust catfish that put up fairly a struggle when caught on the road. On common, they weigh from 25 to 150 kilos (40-50 kg) and are 24- 65 inches in size. They’re the biggest fish species in North America.

Blue catfish have barbels which assist them sense and discover meals. They like to remain in giant rivers with deep channels. The species is taken into account a tasty delicacy in lots of elements of the world – they’re hunted by people and a number of other birds.

Nevertheless, they aren’t endangered despite the fact that females produce solely as soon as annually. That is most likely as a result of females produce as much as 3000-4000 eggs per pound of their physique! And since they weigh a mean of 100 kilos, every feminine catfish lays a mean of 300,000 eggs per yr. As well as, male blue catfishes generally spawn a number of instances in a yr.

Blue catfish are thought-about pests in a number of areas. Nevertheless, they’ve additionally been launched in a number of rivers and reservoirs. They’re identified to outlive in brackish water, which explains their presence in inland waterways of coastal areas.

What’s the Largest Species of Catfish?

Mekong Giant Catfish in Blue Water
The most important species of catfish is called the Mekong large catfish.

Invoice Roque/

The most important species of catfish is called the Mekong large catfish and is barely present in Asia.

Mekong Large Catfish (Pangasianodon gigas)

The Mekong large catfish is regarded, not solely as the biggest species of catfish but additionally as one of many fish species with the quickest development charges on the planet. They’ll weigh as much as 440 kilos by their 6th yr alone. They’re born carnivores and feed on zooplankton as infants. Nevertheless, after a yr, they turn into herbivores and feed on vegetation.

Though catfish are identified for his or her whiskers, the Mekong large has no whiskers. It will get its title from its pure habitat, the Mekong River. They’re a species within the shark catfish household. Mekong large catfishes are one of many largest freshwater fish species identified to man.

This species is thought to stay as much as 60 years however is taken into account endangered. It’s because they’re closely wanted for meals. Though it’s unlawful to seize, kill, or commerce Mekong large catfish in lots of elements of Asia, individuals nonetheless do. Not solely are they overfished, however the development of dams usually blocks migration routes to their breeding spots. Consequently, they’re reported to be only a few hundred catfish left within the Mekong River.

Fortunately, efforts have been put into preserving this excellent species. They’re usually bred in captivity after which launched into the ocean.

What Are The 5 Largest Species of Fish in The Mississippi?

In response to the Wisconsin Division of Pure Sources, the Mississippi is house to 119 species of fish. The state caters to its fishes and proudly states that the higher Mississippi is house to “extra species than are present in any of Wisconsin’s inland lakes.”

A few of Mississippi’s fishes are acknowledged for his or her uncommon giant sizes. Listed here are the 5 largest species of fish within the Mississippi. Discover out the place the blue catfish ranks.

  • Bighead Carp: Bighead carp are identified to weigh round 12 to fifteen kilos.
  • Paddlefish: On common, paddlefish weigh 40 kilos.
  • Blue Catfish: Claiming the third spot is the blue catfish which weighs a mean of 100 kilos.
  • Alligator Gar: Alligator gars sit in second place. They’re identified to weigh a mean of 225 kilos.
  • Gulf Sturgeon: Gulf sturgeons are the biggest fish discovered within the Mississippi. These large fish might be 9 toes lengthy and weigh as much as 385 kilos! That’s about the identical weight as an grownup male gorilla!

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