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Cabbage fritters: the recipe for a delicious and tasty appetizer

Cabbage fritters: the recipe for a delicious and tasty appetizer


The cabbage pancakes I am a antipasti delicious and crispy, very easy to prepare. An alternative to cauliflower pancakes, made with a few simple ingredients: cabbage, plain flour, Egg, onions, Garlic, salt and pepper to which you can add aromatic herbs or spices to customize them according to your tastes. To make this recipe, the cabbage will be chopped, boiled for about ten minutes and mixed with the rest of the ingredients. Once the pancakes are prepared, they will be cooked In the caserole until golden brown. You can also serve them as outline to accompany second courses based on meat or fish or for a vegetarian brunch. An easy and delicious recipe that will convince even those who do not particularly like this healthy vegetable.

You can flavor the dough by adding paprika, curry or with the aromatic herbs of your choice. You can also replace flour 00 with semolinahe breadcrumbs or with legume flour. To make cabbage pancakes more delicious, you can instead add a few cheese in small pieces or cooked ham diced.

How to make cabbage pancakes

Cut the cabbage in half and chop it 1. Boil in water for about 10 minutes 2 and, when ready, squeeze it well. Pour the oil into the pan and sauté the chopped onions 3.

Put boiled cabbage, eggs, fried onions, chopped garlic, salt, pepper, flour in a bowl. 4 and blend until smooth 5. Get meatballs from the mix 6.

Put the pancakes in the pan with the seed oil seven and fry them on both sides until golden brown 8. Cabbage pancakes are ready to serve.


You can store cabbage pancakes in the fridge for 2 daysinside an airtight container.

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