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Egg and cheese quesadillas: the quick and tasty recipe

Egg and cheese quesadillas: the quick and tasty recipe

The egg and cheese quesadillas I’m a single dish simple and tasty ready in a few minutes, a quick variant of the classic Mexican quesadillas, a typical recipe of Tex-Mex cuisine, ideal for a delicious dinner. To make it, just beat the eggs with the spring onion and salt, pour the omelette into the pan and add a flatbread on top. The quesadilla will then be turned and sprinkled with grated cheese, ready to be enjoyed hot and stringy. Here’s how to prepare it in a few steps.

How to make egg and cheese quesadillas

In a bowl, beat the eggs with the salt and spring onion. Brush the oil on the pan, pour the omelette and place a flatbread on top. Cook for a few minutes, turn it over and sprinkle the grated cheese on one side. Fold the quesadilla and then cut it into triangles before serving. The egg and cheese quesadilla is ready to be enjoyed.


It is advisable to consume the egg and cheese quesadillas immediately after preparation.

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