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Recipes with ginger: 13 delicious and simple ideas to try

Recipes with ginger: 13 delicious and simple ideas to try


The ginger it is one of the spices – or better to say in this case of the roots – more useful in the kitchen: not only thanks to the great benefits it brings, but also because it manages to give a touch of freshness to any recipe. To be used, therefore, not only for herbal teas, teas, flavored waters but also to prepare appetizers, first courses, second courses, side dishes and, of course, desserts, which it manages to enhance thanks to the contrast of flavors it creates.

But how to use ginger in cooking? You can use ginger in different forms, fresh or dried. If you use the fresh root remember that it must be peeled and used in pieces; alternatively it can be grated and can be stored in the fridge for up to 30 days, wrapped in a cloth and placed inside a plastic bag. The dried ginger, instead, it is consumed in powder form and has a spicier flavor than the fresh root. It is the most used and easiest version to store: just keep it in the pantry away from light and humidity. On the market it is also possible to find candied ginger, pickled ginger and herbal teas: recipes that can also be prepared at home in just a few steps.

As regards the recipes with ginger you will find a wide choice: for example you can try the ginger sauce, or the chutney with onions and apples, with which to prepare delicious and fresh appetizers. Also excellent with risottowith ginger you can make a very tasty flavorful chicken: a recipe with a decidedly original flavour. Useful for season the lentilsginger is also used to prepare delicious side dishes such as dumplings with pumpkin, but also the famous ginger beer, a non-alcoholic beer whose recipe is based precisely on this precious root. Must try peppakorSwedish biscuits flavored with ginger, or i sorbets, ideal for refreshing or as a transition between one course and another. All you have to do is choose your favorite ginger recipes and get to work.

4. Onion, apple and ginger chutney: the condiment recipe for vegetables and cheeses

onion, apple and ginger chutney

The onion, apple and ginger chutney it is a delicious and decidedly tasty condiment to pair with your dishes: a very simple recipe that comes from the Asian continent. In many Asian countries, chutney is used as a condiment for main dishes: in some cases it is also made “express”, that is, the spices are toasted during the preparation of the dish and added to ingredients such as rice or apple vinegar. Generally, chutneys have a sweet and sour flavour, given by the contrast between sweet and acidic ingredients: but the spicy element also has its importance. This chutney is perfect to eat together with both fresh and mature cheeses, thanks to its versatile flavour, but also accompanied by vegetables such as fennel, carrots and celery for an original dip.

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5. Ginger risotto: the recipe for the fresh and original first course

risotto with ginger

The risotto with ginger it’s a first tasty and fragrant. The particular and slightly spicy taste of ginger balances perfectly with the creaminess of the risotto, giving the dish a spicy and exotic flavour, made even fresher and more aromatic by the addition of the juice and grated zest of the lemon. An original idea, perfect for a lunch in the summer, to amaze guests at a party special occasion or for a Sunday with the family.

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6. Chicken with ginger: the spicy and tasty recipe for an original second course

Ginger Chicken

The Ginger Chicken it’s a second dish tasty and with spicy notes, typical of Asian cuisine. To prepare this recipe, fresh ginger root is used which, with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory as well as digestive properties, is a real panacea for the body. Easy to do, just cut the chicken breasts into strips and let them brown in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, chopped onion and ginger, cut into slices.

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8. Pumpkin and ginger dumplings: the recipe for a tasty and creative appetizer


THE pumpkin and ginger parcels they are a tasty and certainly successful idea, perfect for a appetizersa aperitif or a party buffet. The sheets of egg pasta contain a sweet filling and slightly spicy, which will conquer even the most demanding guest. Their preparation is simple and quick: the pumpkin is stewed in a pan, then mixed with fresh grated ginger, dill and parmesan; once a homogeneous mixture has been obtained, this is distributed on the blanched pasta sheets and then closed in a small bag. A quick pass in the oven and the result will be truly irresistible.

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9. Onigiri with pork and ginger: the recipe for Japanese rice balls

11_onigiri served_onigiri©Gooduria lab

The onigiri they are one of the most iconic preparations of the cuisine of Rising Sun. They are delicious rice balls, triangular, cylindrical or spherical in shape, stuffed with various fillings and decorated with strips of nori seaweed. Omnipresent in the traditional bento, we learned about them thanks to the Japanese cartoons we grew up with. In this version, simple and accessible to everyone, we offer them to you with a heart of pork meat And ginger, with a spicy and pleasantly bittersweet note. Find out how to make them by following our recipe step by step and enjoy them for one lunch break unusual or one fusion dinner organized with friends.

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10. Pepparkakor: the recipe for delicious Swedish biscuits


THE pepparkakor they are greedy cookies with ginger, typical of the Swedish Christmas tradition. They come prepared with a spicy mixture and without eggs based on ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Once baked, they will inebriate the house with their enveloping scent and will be perfect for dunking in a cup of boiling infusion. Sometimes confused with gingerbread men, these are thinner and crunchier to bite.

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11. Ginger beer: the recipe for homemade ginger beer

Ginger beer

There ginger beer it’s a soft drinks fresh, thirst-quenching and with a low alcohol content, very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries. It is a drink made from ginger root, cane sugar, lemon juice, water and brewer’s yeast. Ideal for summer, the so-called ginger beer it can be enjoyed pure even by the youngest, and is used as an ingredient to prepare numerous dishes cocktailincluding the famous Moscow Mule.

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12. Lime and ginger sorbet: the recipe for a fresh and delicious dessert

lime and ginger sorbet

The lime and ginger sorbet it’s a dessert fresh and pleasantly thirst-quenching, perfect to enjoy after a particularly rich and abundant meal or as an interlude between two courses (usually one meat and one fish). Very easy and super fastdoes not require the use of an ice cream maker – a simple kitchen mixer will suffice – and features a combination of flavors truly original and surprising, citrusy and, at the same time, spicy and pleasantly sweet. To make the recipe even more fragrant, you can add a few mint leaves or a drop of liqueur. A end of the meal refined and with an exotic taste, which will conquer everyone. Find out how to prepare it to perfection with our recipe explained step by step.

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13. Melon and ginger sorbet: the recipe for a delicious and refreshing dessert


The melon and ginger sorbet it’s a spoon dessert delicious and refreshing, ideal to serve to end of the mealeven for a dinner with guests, or to be enjoyed at snack, as an alternative to the classic lemon sorbet. The sweetness of the melon combines with the fragrant and pungent note of fresh ginger, for a final result that is very pleasant on the palate. This is a simple preparation, which you can do with the ice cream maker in case you have it available at home, but even without it it will be child’s play: just pour the mixture into a steel container, then leave it to solidify in the freezer for a few hours, stirring occasionally to break the crystals of ice, until you have obtained the right consistency. If you like, you can complete it with fresh fruit diced, chocolate chips or chopped dried fruit. Find out how to make it by following our recipe step by step.

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