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Stuffed baguettes: the delicious and tasty baked recipe, ideal as an appetizer

Stuffed baguettes: the delicious and tasty baked recipe, ideal as an appetizer


He stuffed baguettes I am a antipasti tasty, fibrous and easy to prepare, also ideal as single dish for a dinner with friends. The preparation is very quick: all you have to do is make a filling with egg, cheese, curd, Peppers my zucchinior fill it as you like, to bring to the table an original and delicious dish to eat hot and cloying.

The baguette is the typical French bread, ideal for this type of preparation because it has a thin crust and its interior is less compact than the classic sandwich: it can therefore accommodate any type of filling. Here’s how to whip up this rustic appetizer in no time.

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grated soft cheese

How to make stuffed baguettes

Chop the peppers and zucchini and cook the vegetables in the pan until soft 1.

Beat the eggs and mix them with the salt, pepper, cottage cheese, cheese and cooked vegetables. 2.

Open the tops of the baguettes and pour the egg-vegetable mixture onto them. 3.

Arrange the baguettes on the tray and cook in the oven at 180°C for 25 minutes. 4.

Stuffed baguettes are ready to serve 5.


You can add to the baguette filling as well bacon, ham or the sausages that you prefer, to further enrich the preparation.

You can also fill the baguette by removing the two ends and leaving the exterior intact. Once you have cut the two outer parts of the baguette, dig first one side and then the other and insert the filling. This type of cut is ideal for more compact fills as those composed of cheese spread Combined, for example, with vegetables, bacon or whatever ingredients you prefer.

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