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Surimi salad: the recipe for a light and tasty appetizer

Surimi salad: the recipe for a light and tasty appetizer



for the seasoning

Extra virgin olive oil

L’Surimi Salad it’s a dish cool, light my tastyideal to take with you, for a quick lunch in the office or on the beach, or to serve as an appetizer or garnish during a summer dinner with friends.

The protagonist of the recipe is the surimia typical food preparation of Japanese cuisine: small sticks with a characteristic cylindrical shape, orange on the outside and white on the inside, made with minced fish (especially cod, but also mackerel, horse mackerel and other fish species), pressed and then flavored, reminiscent, for smell and taste, the Crabmeat.

The recipe that we propose is prepared in just 5 minutes: all you have to do is add the mixed salad, the cherry tomatoes, the olives and the sliced ​​surimi, and dress everything with a citronette based on oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. The end result is a simple dish within everyone’s reach, ideal to accompany with crackers or slices of toast.

you can combine if you want potatoes diced prawns, julienned carrots, arugula and bean sprouts, or the citroneta can be substituted with a light yogurt dressing flavored with chives or a drop of balsamic vinegar. If you prefer, you can also choose not to use the mixed salad as a base and replace it with a serving of rice or another cereals to taste: for a single dish complete and delicious.

Find out how to prepare the surimi salad by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, also try the shrimp and mango salad and see other ideas for complete and tasty salads.

How to prepare surimi salad

To make the surimi salad, first place the mezclum leaves in a colander. 1: Rinse well under running water and dry carefully.

Wash the cherry tomatoes, dry them with kitchen paper and cut them in half. 2.

Also cut the surimi sticks into not too thin slices. 3.

At this point, you can prepare the citronette: pour the oil and filtered lemon juice into a small bowl, season with salt and pepper, and mix with a fork. 4.

Put the salad on a flat plate or in a bowl, and add the cherry tomatoes cut in half and the green olives, pitted and cut into small pieces. Finally add the surimi 5.

Dress the salad with the citronette 6.

Garnish with a few fresh mint leaves, bring to the table and serve: the surimi salad is ready to enjoy 7.


Illinois surimi originally was a “struck” fish: a mixture of various species of fish such as northern cod haddock, which is boiled, cut with a knife and seasoned only at the end. Therefore, it was free of preservatives and it was advisable to eat it at the moment.

Today, however, the surimi available in the refrigerated counter of the supermarket is composed only for the 30-40% fish (especially cod, but also mackerel, horse mackerel, Asian carp), pressed and then added with starch, preservatives my thickeners. Our advice, therefore, is to always check the product label, and buy a good quality one, which you can use not only in salads, but also to make hosomaki or other Japanese specialties.

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