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Apple and yogurt pancakes: the recipe for soft and quick cakes

Apple and yogurt pancakes: the recipe for soft and quick cakes

The apple and yogurt pancakes they are gods simple treats, delicious e very quick to prepareperfect to serve not only at Carnival, but also as a snack: they will conquer young and old.

To make them, we mix the egg, salt, sugar, lo vanilla yogurtthe orange zest and the seed oil, add the mela cut into small pieces or, if we prefer, grated and incorporate the flour and baking powder. Finally, we pass the pancakes in a sugar and cinnamon mixfry in a pan and serve.

In our recipe, we use a vanilla flavored yogurt, but we can replace the latter with a Greek or low-fat yogurt: the pancakes will still be fluffy e lightdespite the frying.

Finally, you can add a little liqueur to the dough, in order to prevent the preparation from absorbing too much oil: the alcohol will evaporate completely during cooking.

How to make apple and yogurt pancakes

In a bowl, mix the egg with the salt, sugar, vanilla yogurt, orange zest and seed oil. 1.

Peel and cut the apple into small pieces 2.

Add it to the mixture and mix everything well 3.

Also add the flour, baking powder and work with your hands to get a compact dough 4.

Make long dough pancakes 5.

Fry the pancakes in hot oil until golden brown 6.

Bread them in sugar and cinnamon 7.

Serve the apple and yogurt pancakes, hot or lukewarm 8.


Apple and yogurt pancakes are ideal to be enjoyed warm or warm. However, it is possible to keep them at room temperature per 1 dayclosed in an airtight container or covered with cling film.

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