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Chicken with almonds: the recipe for a tender and tasty main dish typical of Chinese cuisine

Chicken with almonds: the recipe for a tender and tasty main dish typical of Chinese cuisine


grated ginger root

He almond chicken it is a typical preparation of Chinese cuisine, simple but very tasty, perfect to serve both as second, both as a single dish, in combination with a portion of pilaf or basmati rice. One of the most appreciated and reproduced specialties in the West, with fried rice and steamed dumplings, ready in just 20 minutes with a few simple ingredients: pieces of chicken breast, peeled almonds, soy sauce and a moment of ginger grated fresh.

To bring it to the table, all you have to do is brown the meat, cut into regular cubes, in a frying pan with seed oil and shallots, then flavor it with soy sauce and grated ginger, then enrich it with roasted almonds: you will thus obtain an exquisite and slightly spicy dish, worthy of the best oriental restaurants, which will conquer the whole family, including children. Once ready, you can enjoy the Almond Chicken on a theme night with friends, perhaps accompanied by gua bao and fried wontons, or you can just cook it as an idea”save dinnerat the last moment.

The floured meat, once cooked, will form a delicious and irresistible creamy sauce: if you prefer, for an even more enveloping result, you can replace the flour with potato starch, a real gluten-free natural thickener (but if you suffer from gluten intolerance (be careful to read the labels carefully as soya often contains it).

For this recipe we used a normal non-stick pan, but if you have it in the pantry our suggestion is to use the wok: the traditional cast iron pot which, thanks to its particular oval shape, with a flared and high wall, will allow the chicken to cook evenly and quickly, sealing it perfectly on the outside, and leaving it tender and juicy on the inside .

Find out how to prepare Almond Chicken with a step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, try other tasty ways to cook chicken:

How to make Almond Chicken

Cut the chicken breast into cubes of about 2 cm on each side 1.

Let the shallots, sliced ​​with a knife, wilt in a pan with a drizzle of seed oil 2.

Meanwhile, coat the chicken nuggets in the flour 3.

Thoroughly coat the meat in the flour 4and remove the excess.

Arrange the chicken nuggets in the pan with the sautéed shallots 5.

Brown the meat over high heat for a few minutes. 6.

When the chicken has taken on a nice golden color, wet it with 3 tablespoons of soy sauce 7 and leave to perfume for 1 minute.

Then flavor with grated ginger 8 and briefly jump over the fire.

Finish with almonds 9previously grilled in a pan, and the rest of the soy sauce.

Once cooked, remove from heat ten.

Arrange the chicken with almonds on individual plates, bring to the table and serve with a portion of rice pilaf 11.


For a more pronounced flavor, we finished it off with a little freshly grated ginger, but if you prefer you can safely omit it from the preparation or, for a richer flavor, you can add it a few minutes after cooking. end of cooking bamboo shoots: readily available in ethnic stores or in the best-stocked supermarkets.

For this recipe, we suggest using both the light soy sauce that dark: the first, tastier, will be used to flavor the chicken, the second, denser and full-bodied, will give the dish the typical amber color.

If desired, just before removing the chicken from the heat, you can add 1 tbsp sesame seed oil: in this way the meat will take on a shiny and attractive appearance. Or, if you don’t have it at home, you can substitute peanut or sunflower oil.

If you want instead of shallot you can use onion or spring onion while, to further reduce preparation times, you can buy ready-made chicken strips from your trusted butcher.


Almond chicken can be stored in the refrigerator, in an airtight container, for A day massive.

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