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Coffee cream in the bottle: the quick recipe with only 3 ingredients

Coffee cream in the bottle: the quick recipe with only 3 ingredients

The bottled coffee cream it’s a fast dessert e creamyideal to be enjoyed at the end of a meal, instead of the classic cup of espresso: it is prepared in 5 minutes and only takes 3 ingredients.

Also known as “grandfather’s coffee“, is served in bar especially in summer. Traditionally, in fact, it is made by whipping the cream with a whisk and adding the cold coffee and icing sugar mixed.

Our recipe, however, allows you to obtain a thick and full-bodied cream only thanks to a simple plastic bottle, without the use of a mixer or an ice cream maker.

We decorate it with del bitter cocoabut we could also choose one chopped hazelnutsof melted chocolate or one Spreadable cream with hazelnuts. In addition, if we wanted to speed up the preparation, it would be enough to dilute three tablespoons of soluble coffee in a glass of milk, together with the icing sugar, and proceed as indicated.

There is only one attention to be paid: let’s make sure that the bottle has a capacity of at least 1 liter, in order to allow the cream to whip.

Now, however, let’s discover together the few and simple steps to make this delicious bottled coffee cream.

How to prepare bottled coffee cream

Melt the icing sugar in the cold coffee 1. Pour the well-cooled liquid cream into a bottle 2 and add the coffee 3.

Shake vigorously 4sprinkle with bitter cocoa on the surface 5 and serve the coffee cream 6.


The bottled coffee cream is prepared in a few minutes. Therefore, we recommend serving it immediately after preparing it.

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