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Green sauce: the recipe for the tasty and fragrant juice ideal for boiled meats

Green sauce: the recipe for the tasty and fragrant juice ideal for boiled meats


Extra virgin olive oil

The green sauce this is a typical recipe Piedmontese, which has now entered fully into the Traditional Agri-Food Products, born mainly to accompany the traditional boiled meat making it irresistible and very tasty. Also known as green net (green bath in the local dialect), is prepared simply by working the stale breadpreviously soaked in a mixture of water and vinegar and well pressed, with anchovy fillets, a hard-boiled egg yolk, desalted capers, parsley and garlic: all rigorously chopped with a knife and worked abundant oil, until a thick and homogeneous sauce is obtained.

If you prefer, for even more performance creamy, you can mix everything with a food processor. In this case, in order not to compromise the success of the preparation, we suggest that you add the parsley chopped with a knife only at the end: in doing so, it will not oxidize with the blades of the blender, becoming dark and unpleasant amaro in mouth. If you wish, you can omit the egg or replace the breadcrumbs with 1 boiled potato.

Once ready, you can serve the sauce with roast meat, vegetables or baked fish, or you can spread it on toast and enjoy it at noon.aperitif accompanied by tomini and a glass of bubbles.

It seems that the inventor of green sauce was Giovanni Vialardichef in the service of the Maison de Savoie who, by intuition, modified the recipe for an already existing sauce based on parsley, garlic, oil, vinegar and lemon zest, eliminating the latter and combining the anchovy fillets chopped.

Find out how to prepare green sauce by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, also try the Piedmontese red bath or the chimichurri.

How to prepare green sauce

Collect the stale bread in a small bowl 1, deprived of the crust and reduced to small pieces, wet it with water and vinegar and let it soften for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, close the egg, let it cool, peel it and remove the yolk.

Wash the parsley, dry it, chop it finely with a knife and add the hard-boiled egg yolk 2previously crushed with the tines of a fork.

Add the capers desalted and finely chopped with a knife 3.

Add the chopped anchovy fillets in the oil 4.

Grated garlic flavor 5.

Squeeze the bread well and mix it with the rest of the ingredients 6.

Season with salt seven and pepper.

Pour the oil 8 and work well with a spoon, until you obtain a thick and well mixed sauce. Once ready, let it rest in the refrigerator for half an hour.

After the standing time has passed, transfer the green sauce to a small bowl 9bring to the table and serve.


The green sauce can be kept in the refrigerator, in an airtight jar and covered with a drizzle of oil, for 1-2 days massive.

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