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How Many Volcanoes are in Hawaii?

Volcanoes have been prevalent all through historical past, and Hawaii, in lots of historic occasions. Energetic volcanoes are both spewing lava or might doubtlessly erupt at any second, whereas dormant ones are at relaxation. It’s spectacular how volcanoes develop over time and the way their lava can type landmasses. The islands that make up the U.S. state of Hawaii have been all created by volcanoes. Simply what number of volcanoes are in Hawaii?

Volcanoes in Hawaii

There are a whole bunch of volcanoes that at the moment make up the Hawaii archipelago and 6 lively volcanoes.


Hawaii is an archipelago of the Pacific Ocean. There are fifteen volcanoes that make up the eight distinguished islands of Hawaii. It took 1000’s of years to type into the islands that we all know as we speak from that scorching spot within the Pacific Ocean.

The tectonic plates that type the earth’s crust moved over magma plumes, thus forming volcanoes that grew to become the islands over time. That is known as a “scorching spot,” and the path it left grew to become the Hawaiian islands.

Hawaii has a long-lasting, deep and wealthy historical past. This scorching spot has doubtless been capturing out plumes of magma for the final 70 million years

When asking what number of volcanoes are in Hawaii, one should take into account how complicated a query is. Due to the way in which these volcanoes first type underwater and what number of miles deep they are often, there are greater than 100 no less than and we will’t actually know the overall quantity. Nonetheless, there are some distinguished volcanoes in Hawaii which can be fascinating to study.

Exercise of Volcanoes in Hawaii

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Volcanoes are both lively, dormant or extinct.

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There are lively volcanoes, that are volcanoes which can be recognized to erupt often these days. There are dormant volcanoes, that are volcanoes that haven’t erupted within the final twenty to at least one hundred years however nonetheless might. Then, there are extinct volcanoes, that are volcanoes that now not have magma exercise and wouldn’t erupt at any level ever once more; they’re mountains.

Seamounts are extinct volcanoes situated underwater, so they’re underwater mountains and now not spew out lava or have entry to magma.

When volcanoes first begin to erode away, they’re referred to as an atoll island. That is after they develop extinct as they transfer away from their magma sources. As they sink additional and additional away, they change into atolls. 

As soon as fully underwater, they change into seamounts, simply underwater mountains now not able to creating landmasses.

The Islands of Hawaii

Maui Hawaii
137 whole islands make up Hawaii, however there are eight important islands and 15 central volcanoes.

Eight islands make up the vast majority of Hawaii, however there are 137 whole, and so they have been all fashioned by volcanoes. The eight important islands themselves are comprised of their volcanoes. These eight islands are:

  • Hawai’i
  • Kaua’i
  • Koho’olawe
  • Lana’i
  • Maui
  • Moloka’i
  • Ni’ihau
  • O’ahu

Volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands

Of those important islands, 15 volcanoes are recognized to be part of them. These are the essential ones you’ll consider when discussing Hawaiian volcanoes. These 15 volcanoes embrace:

  • Hawai’i (Huge Island)- 
    • Kilauea
    • Mauna Loa
    • Mauna Kea
    • Hualalai
    • Kohala
  • Kaua’i- 
    • Made up of a single volcano, Waialeale.
  • Koho’olawe- 
    • It’s the uncovered prime of a protect volcano, Lua Makika.
  • Lana’i- 
    • Fashioned by Lanaihale, an extinct volcano.
  • Maui- 
    • Haleakala
    • Mauna Kahalawai 
  • Moloka’i- 
  • Ni’ihau- 
    • Made up of a single protect volcano.
  • O’ahu- 


Mount Kilauea, Hawaii
Kīlauea is probably the most lively volcano on the earth. Palmisano

That is probably the most lively volcano globally and has been actively erupting since 1983, spewing lava out over itself to proceed rising. The newest surge started in the summertime of 2021 and has continued onward.

As protect volcanoes develop by spreading outward, the lava cools and hardens into materials that ultimately turns right into a shield-like form.

Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa Volcano Big Island Hawaii
Mauna Loa covers greater than half the Huge Island of Hawaii.


Overlaying greater than half of the island of Hawai’i, this volcano is without doubt one of the most distinguished volcanoes talked about on this article. Since 1843 it has had 33 recorded eruptions, although none lately.

Mauna Loa is one more protect volcano, and guests can hike it and examine the world from its level. Everyone seems to be all the time a bit on edge as a result of it’s an lively volcano.

Mauna Kea

You wouldn’t imagine it at first, however that is the best volcano on the earth. To be precise, most of this volcano stays underwater, about 6,000 ft of it. However with 10,000 whole ft in peak, it actually units the document.

This volcano can also be thought-about one of many lively volcanoes of Hawaii, although that’s free terminology as a result of it has not erupted in 1000’s of years.


One more lively volcano, you don’t should be too nervous about going for a hike on this volcano as a result of it hasn’t erupted in additional than 200 years. After all, which means it’s due for an eruption any time now.

There was earthquake exercise within the neighborhood of Hualalai, which simply furthers the speculation that volcanic exercise is incoming. All of us higher hold our eyes peeled for updates on this volcano.


Often known as the “sleeping big,” Kohala is extinct, so that you don’t have to fret about any volcanic exercise. It’s a huge a part of what fashioned the island of Hawaii, and now it’s the base for lovely forests, which have grown on it through the years. 

This extinct volcano shouldn’t be typically visited as there are not any trails, and the land has grown harsh to traverse, particularly to outsiders. The event of this uninhabited land is a testomony to the hardiness of nature.


Kauai is product of mountains that was volcanoes


The island of Kaua’i is made up of mountains that was volcanoes. The peak of Waialeale causes winds to change into trapped, and for extra rain to fall, so it is without doubt one of the wettest locations within the space.

Waialeale can also be a protect volcano, similar to the various others we’ve discovered about. They’re a wonderful instance of the earth rising and altering by the years.

Lua Makika

The island of Kaho’olawe is residence to the extinct protect volcano of Lua Makika. The island is just 45 miles lengthy, and there are not any cities or ports on it. That is simply one other extinct protect volcano that helped develop the land as we all know it as we speak.

That is additionally a wonderful instance of what occurs when land stays untouched for generations. The surroundings is now not pleasant to people however has thrived with out us for the final 1,000 years on the minimal.


The island of Lana’i used to be fashioned round 1.5 million years in the past by the volcano dubbed Lanaihale. The island itself is 141 miles huge. There’s a thriving neighborhood on this island, and it’s residence to all kinds of actions and neighborhood.

By being an extinct volcano, there are not any worries that it might hurt current-day communities, and that have to be a reduction to the residents who dwell there.


1653645473 362 How Many Volcanoes are in Hawaii - August 9, 2022
View of the Haleakalā volcano summit , island of Maui, Hawaii

The island of Maui has two well-known volcanoes on it, and considered one of them is Haleakala. One more protect volcano, Haleakala, is known as a result of its erosion has led to the most important volcanic crater on the earth. It’s 2,600 ft deep and may be accessed by well-worn trails for the hardiest of vacationers. 

Mauna Kahalawai 

Also called the West Maui Mountain, that is the brother mountain to Haleakala. This protect volcano appears to be like extra mountainous now than it does a volcano, which is ironic when evaluating it to the opposite Maui Mountain.


Ni’ihau is made up of a single, lonely little protect volcano that has lengthy been extinct. It has crumbled and eroded away into the ocean. The island is populated by individuals who don’t have to concern volcanic exercise.

Not many individuals can go to this island as it is vitally remoted, and also you doubtless have to have relational ties to the inhabitants if you wish to go there.


The 2 volcanoes Waianae and Koolau are on the primary island of Oahu and haven’t erupted for greater than 2.5 million years.

The island of O’ahu is probably probably the most well-known of the Hawai’i islands, and that’s as a result of it has probably the most exercise on the island and within the waters surrounding it. This volcano has not erupted for greater than 2.5 million years.


The opposite volcano on O’ahu, this one additionally has not erupted for greater than 2.5 million years. 

It is sensible that O’ahu can be probably the most inhabited island with probably the most numerous sea life and exercise round as a result of it’s had extra time to develop once more after the lava flows stopped.

Irrespective of the place you go in Hawaii, there’s a wealthy historical past and geography to discover. Volcanoes are a mystifying instance of nature’s resilience.

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