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Sensei Launches Golf and Tennis Optimal Wellbeing Programs

Sensei Launches Golf and Tennis Optimal Wellbeing Programs

Structure on the success of the Optimal Wellbeing Program (OWP) that launched in February at the remote Hawaiian health resort, Sensei Lana`i, a Four Seasons Resort, to boost overall health and wellness as well as health and wellbeing, Sensei will now apply the same data and also programs to 2 brand-new sports performance plans for golf as well as tennis lovers seeking to improve their total wellness, performance and also a video game.

The tailored programs are not traditional tennis or golf facilities, however, an assimilation of Sensei’s popular Optimal Wellbeing Program (OWP) with sports direction. As with the original OWP, innovation is leveraged to track and also analyze each visitor’s distinct health data, along with consultation with workout physiologists, nutritional experts, and mindfulness instructors as well as other experts.

That information, consisting of a wearable tool with a partnership with WHOOP, the human performance company, is that layered in with extra golf and also tennis performance metrics through detailed video evaluation and also direction. Visitors are supported at every action from goal setting to daily practices with an incorporated team of Sensei Guides, health specialists, and also golf and also tennis experts who incorporate the Sensei viewpoint– distilling the wellbeing trip into three basic paths for healthier living: Move, Nourish as well as Rest.

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Golf Optimal Wellbeing Program

Created for intermediate and advanced gamers, the five-night program with Sunday arrival starts at $1,640 per night (solitary)/ $2,480 per evening (double). Emphasizes consist of:

  • Eight (8 )- plus hrs of individual direction with a golf teacher, that includes:
    • One (1) On-Course Assessment to analyze pre-shot regular, mental strategy, full speed, short video game, placing, program method, rotational power, pressure result (inner), sphere trajectory as well as club head (exterior)
    • One (1) Private Lesson to uncover the value as well as the benefit of obtaining instant and also workable responses from the current Trackman innovation measuring club course, angle of strike, spin, clubface, club speed/ball rate, lug distance, and other crucial variables
    • One (1) nine-hole round with a golf teacher putting into practice learnings from prior sessions while applying new strategies to fine-tune each visitor’s course strategy
    • One (1) round of solo golf at the acclaimed Jack Nicklaus Manele Golf Course (Golf Week, Golf Digest, Golf Magazine)

Tennis Optimal Wellbeing Program

Designed for Level 4.0 tennis gamers (as ranked by the National Tennis Rating Program), the five-night program with Sunday arrival starts at $1,555 per evening (solitary)/ $2,310 per night (dual). Highlights consist of:

  • Four-plus hrs of one-on-one guideline with a tennis specialist and collaborating with various other similar-level 4.0 players, that includes:
    • 2 (2) Private Tennis Lessons including video clip evaluation to discover the significance as well as the advantage of receiving split second and actionable feedback on racquet course, spin, racquet face, racquet speed/ball rate, as well as other essential aspects
    • One (1) Tennis Footwork Workshop designed to target each certain tennis stroke as well as uncover exactly how efficient maneuvering assists in saving energy, enhancing court coverage, and also taking full advantage of reaction time
    • One (1) Guided Match Play at the Manele Tennis Garden with the guidance of a tennis professional to learn exactly how to play different designs such as aggressive baseliner, serve and volleyer, counterpunch, and also an all-court player

Both programs include the same features as the original OWP, including elegant accommodations, tailored support from pre-arrival with post-stay, biometrics testing, WHOOP wearable modern technology, personal health consultations, corrective health facility treatments, semi-private round-trip air transportation from HNL as well as even more.

Given the comprehensive as well as one-on-one experience, once-a-week accessibility for the Golf and also Tennis Optimal Wellbeing Programs is limited. Bookings can be made today for stays beginning January 2, 2022, and need a minimum 14-days advance notice to allow for ideal information collection in preparation of guest check out and also personalized programs. Guests are welcome to see or call 808-731-1218 for more information.

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