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Stewed octopus: the recipe for a succulent and tasty fish dish

Stewed octopus: the recipe for a succulent and tasty fish dish


extra virgin olive oil

datterino or pachino cherry tomatoes

He wet octopus it’s a second course based on fish typical of Italian cuisine, especially from the south. Very tasty and succulent, it is perfect for a family lunch or a dinner with friends, accompanied by warm slices of freshly toasted bread, with which to make the essential turnover.

Making stewed octopus is quite easy: you have to clean the octopus well, remove the eyes, beak and entrails, and pay attention to the cooking times, so that it stays moist. To break its meat, you can freezeafter gutting it, for at least 24 hours, or to beat him with the appropriate tool similar to a meat tenderizer.

Once thawed or beaten, you can cut the octopus into small pieces and proceed to wet cookingPreparation: brown the octopus in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, deglaze everything with white wine, add the tomato puree and the cherry tomatoes and finally leave to cook, covered, for about 15 minutes.

In the second cooking phase, add salt, pepper and a clove of garlic, so as to flavor the dish, and continue cooking for another 15 minutes until the octopus is tender and the tomato sauce is full-bodied and thick. . The final touch of color and aroma, given by fresh parsley chopped, and the octopus is ready to serve, hot and irresistible.

To make it even tastier, you can prepare the Variant of Puglia with potatoes, or add olives and capers, as in the traditional Neapolitan recipe for octopus alla luciana.

Find out how to prepare it by following the step-by-step procedure and tips.

How to Clean Octopus

For a perfect cleaning of the octopus, a few simple steps are enough:

  • rinse all the octopuses under cold running water, paying particular attention to the suction cups which could retain a little sand;
  • remove the beak, eyes and pouch from the head;
  • rinse again under cold running water.

How to cook stewed octopus

remove octopus eyes 1.

Remove the center spout and clean out the insides of the pouch 2.

Rinse the octopus well under cold running water 3.

Drain the octopus 4.

Cut the octopus into small pieces 5.

Pour extra virgin olive oil into a high-sided saucepan 6.

Add octopus 7.

Cook for 5 minutes 8.

Shade with white wine 9.

Add tomato puree ten.

Mix the halved cherry tomatoes 11.

Cover with lid 12 and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes.

Add a clove of garlic 13.

Salt and pepper rule 14. Cover again and continue cooking for another 15 minutes.

Once cooked, add the chopped parsley 15.

Mix with a wooden spoon 16.

The cooked octopus is ready to be served at the table 17.

Serve the simmered octopus with slices of toast and chopped fresh parsley 18.


The octopus compote can be stored in the refrigerator, closed in an airtight container, for 2 days.

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