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The recent offer of 100% bonus points from Air Canada is worth it

The recent offer of 100% bonus points from Air Canada is worth it. This is only available for a limited time, so be sure to use it soon

Air Canada is selling points with a 100% bonus, which “reduces” the price to 1.4 cents per mile. I think it’s worth it! You can buy miles until March 22nd.

Aeroplan normally charges 3.5 Canadian cents for each point, but with a 100% bonus, it’s 1.75 Canadian cents per point – or 1.4 US cents ($0.014). And if you are an account holder who lives in the United States and is paying for Aeroplan miles with a U.S.-based credit card, there’s an additional 10% bonus with a 100% bonus as well. How can I get this Aeroplan bonus?

If you are not an Aeroplan member and want to sign up, visit the Aeroplan website and fill out the registration form. As part of your registration, there will be a spot for your desired travel dates. The bonus will be applied to your account when the travel dates are confirmed. I am already a member, can I request the bonus? No, this promotion is only open to new members.

Air Canada Aeroplan is a Star Alliance airline frequent flyer program, providing you with Air Canada reward miles that can be used on any one of the 24 member airlines. They offer access to Star partner awards across the alliance with no fuel surcharges, along with numerous other partners (like Etihad and Virgin Australia) and far greater functionality and better customer service than LifeMiles which offers incredible access but with very poor customer service. Except for Citi, they all offer access to partners like Etihad and Virgin Australia that are in my opinion superior to Star Alliance.

Aeroplan has its distance-based award chart. You can easily combine all the airlines and their partners to mix and match desired flights. When you want to buy miles, it’s not always cheapest to buy them trying when you need them. For example, buying a one-way business class award on Lufthansa is either 60,000 miles (plus taxes) or $840.

bonus points from Air CanadaBuying the two tickets would be 120,000 miles and $1,680 which means it would cost less than $1,500 to buy the miles. But what if you wanted to buy miles in advance? Say if you needed them for an upcoming trip, but didn’t know when that would be. Buying 60,000 miles now and 30,000 later would cost $880 or a total of $1,760. That’s a difference of over $400.Start buying miles now and redeem more later to take advantage of the lower prices.

It’s limited to 1 million miles per year, which is usually more than enough for most people. It gets even better with family pooling capabilities allowing up to 8 accounts.

The new comes with an initial bonus: to sustain themselves, customers will need to spend $4,000 in the first 3 months after opening the account.

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And Aeroplan is a transfer partner of Chase, American Express, Capital One, and Bilt. It pairs well with the new Capital One Venture X card and its $100,000 bonus as well as using it to pay rent through Bilt. What is Aeroplan? Aeroplan is a Canadian frequent flyer program. You earn miles when you purchase airfare and spend on the card. The credit card also comes with an annual fee of $120 which I think is worth it.

“US Airways used to be known for—or as the ‘official consolidator for excess Star Alliance premium cabin inventory’ but Aeroplan may be taking on this role. It just ran the same 100% bonus from late Jan-Feb, so it’s possible that this could happen again soon.”

Don’t wait to buy some, there are only a few days left to use Aeroplan points with Air Canada’s new route.

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