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Cat’s paw gummy candies: the recipe for simple and original sweets

Cat’s paw gummy candies: the recipe for simple and original sweets

The cat paw gummy candies they are simple and original sweets, easy to prepare at home and ideal for one birthday party: will like them so much children. To make them you will need a few simple ingredients: starch says more, water, gelatine, sugar e red food coloring. Then just follow the preparation step by step to make these gummy candies in the shape of a cat’s paw in a really easy way. You can vary the color of the food coloring according to availability and your needs, so as to customize the candies as you like best. Here are the steps to prepare them.

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Red food coloring

How to make cat paw gummy candies

Put the isinglass in the water and let it soak for 5-10 minutes 1.

Distribute the cornstarch across the pan evenly. Make grooves in the starch using a small bowl (2).

Add the water to the pan and melt the sugar. Add the isinglass (3) and mix to melt it.

Transfer the gelatin to the bowl and mix with the electric whisk 4 to obtain a white and creamy mixture.

Pour the meringue into the holes made in the starch with the help of a pastry bag 5. (Leave some compound aside)

Mix a portion of the meringue with the red food coloring and use it to make the paws (6).

Sift more cornstarch 7 to solidify the gummy candies and let it rest.

Cat paw gummy candies are ready to be enjoyed 8.


You can store cat paw gummy candies for some dayinside a plastic bag for food or in a tin box.

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