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Fried batter: basic preparation and 3 quick and easy recipes

Fried batter: basic preparation and 3 quick and easy recipes


There fried batter it’s a basic preparation which we can use for different preparations, both sweet and savory: Giusina in the kitchen he prepared for us 3 recipes with just one batter. We started from battermade with flour, water and brewer’s yeast; after the leavening phase, it will be ready to be used. With the batter we made the battered vegetablessome appetizers Stuffed savory pancakes of dried tomatoes and anchovies and delicious Sweet pancakes with sugar. These are very simple and quick preparations that will win everyone over: here, then, is how to make these 3 delicious recipes with just one batter.

How to prepare batter for fried foods

Dissolve the brewer’s yeast in water: crumble the yeast in a large bowl, pour in the water and mix. Add a little water and adjust as you go.

Add the flour little at a time and mix with a hand whisk.

Mix until you get a creamy consistency.

Cover the bowl with a cotton cloth and let it rise for at least 1 hour: it will be ready when it bubbles on the surface.

Vegetables in batter

Cut the courgette, carrot and aubergine into strips.

Place a few vegetables at a time into the batter and stir them with the help of two forks.

Fry in a pan with hot oil until golden brown.

At the end of cooking you will get swollen and crunchy vegetables.

Add a pinch of salt before serving.

Sweet pancakes with sugar

Add a pinch of salt to the batter.

Pick up the dough with the help of 2 spoons.

Pour the mixture into the boiling oil and cook until they are puffy.

Dip the pancakes in granulated sugar while they are still hot and ready to serve.

Stuffed savory pancakes

Cut the dried tomatoes and anchovies into small pieces.

Add tomatoes and anchovies to the batter and mix.

Take the pancakes with the help of two spoons and fry them until they are swollen.

Place the savory pancakes on a plate lined with kitchen paper.

The stuffed savory pancakes are ready.

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