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Shrimp tartare: the recipe for an elegant and delicious appetizer

Shrimp tartare: the recipe for an elegant and delicious appetizer


For the tartare:

Extra virgin olive oil

The shrimp tartare it’s a antipasto elegant, quick and easy to prepare: thanks to its delicate flavor and marinating with lemon juice, this tartare is often appreciated even by those who do not like too much fish with a stronger taste.

To prepare the dish you can use pink prawns, gray ones or even king prawns: however, we recommend that you make sure that have been shot down and that they are therefore suitable to be consumed raw. In our recipe, after marinating the shrimp, we prepared a fresh one parsley sauce – perfect match – creamy made with a part of Greek yogurt inside. If you prefer, however, you can simply serve this tartare with some rocket salad, which with its bitter taste enhances that of the prawns. Another interesting and particular combination is the one with theavocado: cut into cubes and serve with the tartare, seasoning with oil, salt and lemon.

If you liked this dish, also try the salmon tartare recipe, or the tuna one; if you prefer meat, try the beef tartare recipe. Finally, you can also try the tartare in a sweet version, with peaches and yogurt.

How to prepare the prawn tartare

Rinse the shrimp thoroughly under running water 1.

Then proceed with cleaning: first cut off the head and tail 2.

Also remove the carapace and the black filament of the intestine inside each shrimp 3.

Then cut the prawns into small pieces and put them in a bowl 4.

Add the extra virgin olive oil flush 5.

Finally add the juice of one lemon 6.

Mix well and leave the fish to marinate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, covered with plastic wrap 7.

In the meantime, wash the parsley sprigs and place them in the mixing bowl of an immersion blender 8.

Blend them adding a little water at a time, until you get a smooth liquid 9.

Filter the liquid into a small bowl with the help of a fine mesh strainer 10.

Then add the Greek yogurt too 11.

Stir for a while until you get a light green creamy sauce 12.

Put the sauce at the base of a deep plate 13.

Take a ring and start composing the dish by inserting the tartare in the center of the ring 14.

Decorate with a sprinkling of black pepper and a drizzle of raw oil 15.


We suggest you consume the freshly prepared prawn tartare.

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