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Soft pancakes: the recipe for sweets to fill

Soft pancakes: the recipe for sweets to fill


He fluffy pancakes They are small soft and delicious balls. After waiting for the dough to rise, in a few minutes they are ready and you can fill them to your likingscam hazelnut cream, Custard, whipped cream either pistachio cream.

They can be served both hot and cold, even sprinkled with icing sugar.

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How to make fluffy pancakes

Dissolve the sugar and brewer’s yeast in the water.

Add the flour with the salt and mix well. Let rise for 2 hours.

Pour the mixture into the oil in small portions.

Fry until golden.


If you want, add a little of the mixture to the mixture. Lemon peel.


Serve the pancakes in a container, to be closed if advanced. but remember consume them in 3 days to the extreme.

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