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Chocolate popcorn: the quick and delicious recipe with dark chocolate

Chocolate popcorn: the quick and delicious recipe with dark chocolate


Illinois chocolate popcorn It is one sandwich sweet and salty simple and delicious, very quick to prepare. A variant of the classic homemade popcorn, enriched with melted dark chocolate, which will make it truly irresistible.

Pack it up for a good movie on the couch, or enjoy it for one greedy break and delicious to share with family or close friends. Making it at home is really child’s play: just heat a good round of seed oil in a large, high-sided skillet, pour in the corn, cover with a lid, and cook until just beginning to crisp.

Once ready, you will have to arrange the popcorn on a tray, let it cool and then add the melted chocolate. Collected in single-dose bowls or in special colored buckets, just like you were at the movies, your popcorn is ready to be nibbled with your fingertips along with a milkshake, chocolate or strawberry, or a cold drink.

If you wish, you can decide to partially or totally cover the popcorn, according to your tastes (in the second case you will have to increase the amount of chocolate), and replace the dark chocolate with a Milkywhite or gianduia

Find out how to make chocolate popcorn by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this preparation, also try the caramel popcorn.

How to make chocolate popcorn

Pour a round of seed oil into a high-sided pot 1. Cover with the lid and heat.

add corn 2.

Cover with lid and cook until bursting 3.

Pour the popcorn onto a baking sheet to cool. 4.

Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie 5.

Pour the now cooled popcorn into a bowl 6.

Combine the melted dark chocolate 7.

Stir to homogenize 8.

let cool 9.

Your chocolate popcorn is ready to enjoy 10.


You can substitute the dark chocolate for the milk chocolate or white, according to personal tastes. If you want to cover the entire surface of the popcorn, you can increase the dose of chocolate to 120 grams.

To further enhance the sweet and salty contrast, you can also add a dash of flower of salt.

You can also use popcorn for the preparation. it is done Or use the one you can cook in the microwave.


Chocolate popcorn can be kept at room temperature, in a glass jar or in a special hermetically sealed container, for maximum one day.

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