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Spaghetti with lupins: the recipe for the first seafood dish from the Easy Gourmet section

Spaghetti with lupins: the recipe for the first seafood dish from the Easy Gourmet section

The spaghetti with lupins I’m a seafood first course simple and tasty, to be prepared as an alternative to the classic spaghetti with clams, a truly delicious dish made for us by chef Michele Ghedini for the address book Easy Gourmet. Sea lupins are molluscs that belong to the clam family, they are smaller and tastier and have a smooth, grayish shell, unlike clams, which have a shell with raised streaks with a color that can vary from hazel to gray or white to yellowish. To obtain a dish with a unique and special flavor, just use a few quality ingredients: very fresh lupins, garlic, chilli, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. We must first of all purge the lupins in water and salt, just like we do with clams, so as to clean them from the sand: it will take at least 1-2 hours. The lupins will then be drained and added to the pan with oil and herbs; there the lupins must be cooked quickly, to prevent them from drying out: in fact, a few minutes will be enough for the lupins to open, so that they release their flavor. It is important, then, to drain the spaghetti al dente and cook the pasta in the sauce again, so as to obtain spaghetti with creamy, fragrant and irresistible lupins.

You can also add gods to the dressing cherry tomatoes datterini, cherry or cherry tomatoes: the advice, however, is to add a few, to avoid covering the flavor of the sea lupins.

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For pasta

Extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare spaghetti with sea lupins

Purge the lupins in water and salt for at least an hour or until they have lost most of the sand 1: then eliminate the dead lupins or those with broken shells. In a pan, fry the chilli, parsley and minced garlic in extra virgin olive oil 2. Add the lupins and blend with white wine 3: cover with the lid and cook just long enough to open the lupins, so they do not dry out. Eliminate closed shells.

Cook the pasta 4 for half of its cooking time and risottala in the clam sauce. Add a drizzle of oil, half of the shelled clams 5 and parsley: the addition of oil during the creaming phase will make the pasta even more creamy. Serve, adding the rest of the lupins and serve 6.

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