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Harlequin cake: the recipe for a soft and colorful carnival cake

Harlequin cake: the recipe for a soft and colorful carnival cake


baking powder for cakes

gel food coloring (yellow, green, red, blue)

for the finish

Colorful sugar candies

The harlequin cake it’s a dessert cupboard fluffy and delicious, perfect for celebrating the Carnival in a cheerful and fun way, or to celebrate the birthday of little ones who will go crazy. The secret of this recipe, as for the zebra cake, consists in alternating the mixtures of different colors (yellow, red, green and blue), pouring them into the center of the mold, so as to form many concentric circles.

The result, after going into the oven, will be a surprising and fragrant dessert, which will reveal many “rainbow slices” once cut, to be brought to the table, at the end of the meal, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a small glass of fortified wine. A preparation reminiscent of the rainbow cake, but with the advantage of being much simpler and within everyone’s reach, to brush, for an even more scenographic result, with honey and covered with colorful candies.

Once ready, in addition to setting up a festive buffet with other delicacies from the era, you can taste the harlequin cake at snackwith a mug of hot chocolate, or you can dip it a breakfast in a glass of steaming milk.

Find out how to prepare harlequin cake by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, also try the harlequin cookies.

How to prepare harlequin cake

Break the eggs into the bowl of a stand mixer 1.

Add sugar 2.

Vanilla Extract Fragrances 3.

Whisk with an electric whisk, until you get a fluffy and frothy mixture 4.

Add warm melted butter 5.

Pour the milk 6.

Add flour 7sieved with a pinch of salt.

Fill with baking powder 8.

Work again with electric whisks until you get a smooth, lump-free batter 9.

Divide the dough into 4 equal parts and divide it into as many bowls ten.

Add a few drops of green food coloring to the first bowl and stir 11.

Do the same with the blue dough 12.

Then move on to the yellow paste 13.

Finish with red 14.

Mix the pastes well, in order to obtain bright and uniform colors 15.

Butter and flour a 24 cm diameter cake tin 16.

Pour two heaping tablespoons of yellow batter into the center of the mold 17.

Put two tablespoons of the green in the center of the yellow paste 18.

Continue with the red dough 19always pouring it in the center of the previous one.

Complete the first round with the blue compound 20.

Continue like this, alternating the color sequence 21.

Once you run out of ingredients 22bake the cake at 180°C and cook for about 50 minutes.

Once the cooking time has elapsed, take the dessert out of the oven. 23 and let cool for a few seconds.

Unmold the cake, transfer it to a wire rack and brush the surface with honey 24.

Sprinkle with colored sugar sprinkles 25.

Let the cake cool to room temperature 26.

Arrange the harlequin cake on a serving platter, cut into slices 27 and serve.


For an impeccable result, we suggest dividing the dough into 4 exactly equal parts, pouring it into as many bowls, then adding the food coloring, mixing them thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mixture. We opted for those in jellyto use, given their particularly intense coloration, a few drops at a time (so as not to risk exceeding the quantity) but, if you prefer, or if you already have them available at home, you can easily replace them with powders those.

Whatever your choice, the important thing is that the final mixture, smooth and without lumps, is quite soft and fluid: in this way it will be easier to flow in the center of the mold and the harlequin effect will be ensured. . If you wish, you can spread the cake on the surface with the spatula whipped creamor you can divide it in half, once cold, and top it with a quick no-cook camy cream, a classic or chocolate pastry cream, or a pistachio paste: it will be even more delicious.


The harlequin cake can be kept at room temperature, under a pastry hood, for 3-4 days massive.

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