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Tuna and pepperoni pasta: the recipe for a tasty and colorful first course

Tuna and pepperoni pasta: the recipe for a tasty and colorful first course



Short pasta (such as rigatoni)

Bell peppers (of different colors)

Tuna fillets in oil

extra virgin olive oil

Pepperoni and tuna pasta it’s a First course Tasty and colorful summer, a variant of the classic pasta with peppers enriched with tuna loins in oil and black olives. Easy and quick to prepare, it solves any family lunch or dinner with sudden guests, and it is so delicious that it will win over young and old alike for its creaminess and irresistible goodness.

To bring it to the table, it is enough to cook the peppers, cleaned and cut into strips, in a frying pan with a sauce of onion and extra virgin olive oil; once soft, a part is mixed with an immersion blender, then poured back into the pan during the creaming phase of the paste, to obtain a enveloping result and very creamy. Finally, the dish is completed with tuna loins in oil, well drained, and black olives, but you can also add capersaromatic herbs, toasted breadcrumbs or sliced ​​almonds, for a crunchy touch.

Excellent both hot and cold, it can also be consumed during a picnic in the park or in the office, stored in the special squishy. You can also enrich the sauce with tomato puree or fresh cherry tomatoesdepending on the season, and add a tablespoon or two of cream cheese spread, robiola or ricotta while you beat the pasta.

In our recipe we use rigatoni but you can choose the format of short pasta that you prefer, such as penne rigate, farfalle, fusilli or spaghetti and trenette, if you are a lover of elongated shapes.

Find out how to prepare by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. Also try the pepperoni and ricotta pasta and the pepperoni and pancetta pasta.

How to make pepperoni and tuna pasta

Clean the peppers removing the seeds and inner white ribs 1.

Rinse the peppers under cold running water, then cut into cubes. 2.

Meanwhile, brown the chopped onion in a pan with a drizzle of oil 3.

When the onion is wilted, add the peppers. 4, cover with a lid and simmer until very soft. Season with a pinch of salt.

When the peppers are cooked, take a part of them and blend them with an immersion blender. 5: you will need to obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream. Stand aside.

Add the tuna, well drained, to the remaining peppers. 6.

Add the olives, pitted and cut in half. 7.

Boil pasta in boiling water, slightly salted 8.

Drain the pasta 3-4 minutes before it is cooked and pour it into the pan. Add a drop of cooking water and stir well over high heat 9.

At this point, pour the pepper cream 10 and mix well.

Arrange the pepperoni and tuna pasta on serving plates and serve piping hot. eleven.

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