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15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why They’re So Clear

There is no such thing as a doubt that lakes are some of the gorgeous expressions of nature, with their clear blue waters and peaceable setting. What makes lakes much more magnificent is that they’re slow-moving, making their waves and currents considerably quieter and calmer than seas, oceans, and rivers. But, not all lakes have the identical pristine high quality because the others. Some lakes are solely price passing by, whereas others are price drooling over. When a crystal-clear lake provides you a peek of its world underwater, you would possibly really feel a deep reference to nature. The world has a plethora of lakes, each man-made and pure. However only some of them stand out to be clearer than the others. Beneath, we’ll discover 15 insanely clear lakes and the explanation behind their crystal-clear nature.

15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why They’re So Clear

1. Blue Lake, New Zealand

The Blue Lake is the clearest lake on this planet. Danilov

New Zealand is well-known for its pure magnificence, with mountainous terrains surrounding crystal-clear lakes everytime you hop out of the town. However the nation can be well-known for having the clearest lake on this planet! Blue Lake has underwater visibility as much as 70 to 80 meters or 230 to 260 ft down, which is insane! Other than being the world’s clearest lake, it’s additionally the clearest physique of pure freshwater. The water in Blue Lake is similar to distilled water based mostly on laboratory measurements.

Blue Lake is studied to account for its readability to an underground passage coming from Lake Constance, which filters virtually all pointless particles suspended in its water. The readability of Blue Lake is extremely excessive that its waters reveal the pure shade of water, which is blue-violet. 

2. Lake McKenzie, Australia

1653098967 99 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022
Lake McKenzie has underwater visibility reaching 50 meters.

Dubbed because the “Jewel of the Fraser Island,” Lake McKenzie in Australia is certainly a jewel the place you may see your reflection on. It’s housed by Queensland’s Fraser Island, the most important island on this planet. Lake McKenzie is a perched lake, which suggests it was fashioned because the sands cemented along with iron, aluminum, and natural matter, making a layer above sea degree. Nonetheless, the circumstances on this very pure lake make it acidic, so it’s unsuitable for some species to settle in. The lake’s acidic nature makes it arduous to harbor wholesome aquatic life, internet hosting a fragile ecosystem. Lake McKenzie has underwater visibility that reaches 50 meters in sunny climate. Its readability outcomes from the impermeable layer on the lake’s backside created by sand and natural matter. This layer features as a pure filter, stopping rainwater from draining.

3. Torch Lake, Michigan

1653032933 868 10 Incredible Lakes in Northern Michigan - August 12, 2022
The third-clearest lake on this planet is Torch Lake.


Torch Lake has been recognized for its blue-green but crystal-clear waters. However other than this fame, vacationers go to it for its waters that look precisely just like the Caribbean Sea. It additionally has a number of sandbars, which could be a actually thrilling trip website that may make you skip your subsequent journey to the Caribbean and head to Michigan as a substitute. The Torch Lake was as soon as linked to Lake Michigan and was even part of it. But, the sandbar formation throughout the mouth of the lake separated it from the Nice Lake of Michigan and now holds the title because the second-largest lake within the state. Because the lake is a fjord-like bay carved by glaciers within the final ice age, its geology provides it its mesmerizing crystal-clear turquoise shade.

4. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe’s underwater visibility reaches 100 ft.


Situated within the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe has earned its fame as one of many world’s clearest lakes as a result of its underwater world might be seen by means of the bare eye. With its underwater visibility reaching 100 ft or 30 meters on a great day, folks on boats certainly would catch a glimpse of its gorgeous underwater surroundings. Between the Twenties and Thirties, many ships have been wrecked and sunk within the lake. These boat wrecks might be visibly seen by means of the bare eye from the lake’s floor on a transparent day. Sure, that’s how clear it’s! The rationale behind its readability is that 40% of rain falling onto the watershed drops instantly on the lake. The remaining 60% drains by means of marshes that are perfect filter methods.

5. Lake Baikal, Russia

1653098967 672 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022
Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on this planet.

Julia Kuzenkova/

Russia’s Lake Baikal is world-famous for its huge floor space and extremely deep depths. It’s the deepest lake on this planet and the most important freshwater lake by water quantity. It even has its freshwater seal species that’s endemic to the realm. However other than its unbelievable depth, Lake Baikal can be recognized to have one of many clearest and cleanest waters globally. Lake Baikal’s underwater visibility reaches 30 to 40 meters, so if you happen to sail on a ship above its waters, you may see the lake’s superb ecosystem inside! This ecosystem consists of filtering plankton that consumes sediments and different minerals, persistently making the lake clear. The larger the plankton inhabitants is, the clearer the lake’s portion can be.

6. Crater Lake, Oregon

1653098967 246 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022
Shaped 7,500 years in the past, Crater Lake is the ninth deepest on this planet.


Crater Lake is the ninth deepest lake globally, however that doesn’t imply its waters aren’t clear. Situated in south-central Oregon in the USA, additionally it is its deepest lake. It’s well-known for its magnificent blue shade and is likely one of the major vacationer spots in Crater Lake Nationwide Park. Crater Lake attributes its readability to the snow or rain the place its water comes from. The lake was fashioned by means of the collapse of Mount Mazama 7,500 years in the past. Because the lake has no different entrances or waterways, no mineral deposits or particles are flowing by means of the lake, preserving its wealthy hue.

7. Lake Mashū, Japan

1653098967 281 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022
Situated in Japan, Lake Mashū is likely one of the world’s clearest lakes.

Lake Mashū, one of many world’s clearest lakes, is situated in Japan. Locals name this lake “the Satan’s Lake,” and has change into a preferred vacationer vacation spot. Lake Mashū is an excellent illustration of nature’s splendor. This lake can be a UNESCO World Heritage Web site. The lake is freed from particles carried in by rivers as a result of it’s fed primarily by rain.

8. 5-Flower Lake, China

1653098967 746 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022


The 5-Flower Lake is a small crystal-clear lake in China’s Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve. Due to the lake’s readability, outdated tree trunks might be seen close to the underside. The colours of the 5-Flower Lake embrace inexperienced, yellow, and blue. The presence of hydrophytes and calcium carbonates within the lake causes its readability. The locals name the lake “a bit of mirror that fell from a goddess’ fingers.”

9. Melissani Lake, Greece

1653098967 987 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022
Situated in Greece, Melissani lake is famed for its crystal-clear water.

This charming lake, which flows by means of a cave of the identical identify, is famed for its crystal-clear water. It’s situated in Kefalonia, Greece, and is a nymph’s den in Greek mythology. The very best time to go is on a lovely day, when the solar displays off the sea-green water, creating a shocking impact. 

10. Flathead Lake, Montana

1653098967 64 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022
The Flathead Lake is the most important and cleanest lake within the U.S. state of Montana.

Measuring by floor space, Flathead Lake is the most important and cleanest lake within the U.S. state of Montana. This lake is residence to yellow perch, trout, whitefish, sturgeon, and northern pike. The neighboring tree-lined seaside is right for fishing, swimming, crusing, waterskiing, powerboating, and different actions. The lake’s readability is because of its little vitamins, which encourage algal development.

11. Moraine Lake, Canada

1653098967 690 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022

Invisible Witness/

Moraine Lake is a physique of water in Canada solely fed by glaciers. It’s recognized for its clear blue hue that modifications relying on the angle of the lake, the time of the day, or seasons of the yr. Moraine Lake is at its brightest throughout the summer time because the melted glaciers fill the lake’s basin. It displays a transparent blue reflection as the sunshine refracts from the lake’s rock ground deposits.

12. Lake Blausee, Switzerland

1653098968 707 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022

Switzerland is understood for its considerable nature and crystal-blue lakes, and a type of is Lake Blausee. The lake, fed by underground springs, is absolutely clear and has an exquisite blue-green tint. About 40 ft beneath, sunken tree trunks and boulders could also be seen. The lake is crystal-pure as a result of it’s made up of mineral-rich mountain spring water from an underground supply.

13. Lake Bacalar, Mexico

1653098968 423 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022
Fed by a sequence of underground rivers, Lake Bacalar is likely one of the clearest lakes on this planet.

Lake Bacalar in Mexico is a freshwater lagoon that sits inland from the ocean. It’s fed by a sequence of underground rivers and possesses a white sandy backside that lets the lake’s clear water change from turquoise to indigo all through the day. That is additionally why the lake is dubbed “lake of seven colours.” 

14. Attabad Lake, Pakistan

1653098968 534 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022 Naqvi

The Attabad Lake serves as a silver lining to a tragic occasion. A landslide in northern Pakistan in 2010 buried the neighborhood of Attabad, ensuing within the formation of a brand new lake. When the glaciers soften within the spring and summer time, the pristine Attabad turns a shocking vivid blue shade.

15. Lake Malawi, Mozambique/Tanzania

1653098968 523 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 12, 2022
Extending throughout Mozambique and Tanzania, Lake Malawi’s layers don’t intermix. Barrington Images

Lake Malawi is a slender lake extending throughout two nations in Africa – Mozambique and Tanzania. The lake is likely one of the deepest on this planet, however it nonetheless shows clear waters. Lake Malawi is meromictic, which implies that its layers don’t intermix, making all of the sediments keep on the backside. This causes the water within the lake to stay totally clear and clear.

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