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Beans in bbq sauce: the recipe for a tasty and nutritious single dish

Beans in bbq sauce: the recipe for a tasty and nutritious single dish


Extra virgin olive oil

I fagioli in salsa bbq I’m a typical meal of the Southwest of the United States: a greedy and nutritious recipe that becomes a delicious single dish to eat even at room temperature, together with croutons, slices of toasted bread or with nachos. It is a specialty with a strong flavor, also perfect for a dinner with friends: alternatively, you can use the recipe as stuffed of a rustic savory pie.

The preparation is simple: we will cook the meat with onions and peppers, then we will add the bacon and beans. Finally, the salsa bbqwhich you can buy ready-made or make at home, will give that touch of flavor typical of South American cuisine. You can vary the recipe using a mix from beef e you pigor you can use the meat of pollo, choosing a cut that is not too skinny. You can use beans borlotti and vary the vegetables according to your availability.

If you liked this preparation, also try the chili di carne recipe, or the fried chicken one: these recipes from Southern United States cuisine are also delicious and inviting.

How to prepare beans in bbq sauce

Cut the pepper into chunks 1. Do the same with the onion.

In a large pot, add a drizzle of oil and brown the minced meat together with the onions and pepper. Add the garlic clove and season with salt 2.

Cook until the meat is golden brown 3; eliminates excess fat.

Add the bacon, sauté a minute and also add the drained beans 4.

Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes, then add the bbq sauce 5 and a glass of water.

Add the mustard 6.

Mix it well 7.

Cover and cook for 30 minutes on low heat 8adding water from time to time if necessary.

Your beans in bbq sauce are ready to be served 9.


You can keep the beans in bbq sauce in the fridge, tightly closed in an airtight container, for 1-2 days.

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