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Breaded cabbage rolls: the recipe for a delicious dish with a stringy heart

Breaded cabbage rolls: the recipe for a delicious dish with a stringy heart

Glthe breaded cabbage rolls are a delicious and tasty dish, an alternative to the classic cabbage rolls, ideal as second dish or as original antipasto. In our recipe we used the Chinese cabbage but you can replace it with the cabbage o to cabbage. Once blanched the cabbage leaveswe stuffed them with del cheese and rolled everything, so as to form the rolls. The cabbage bundles will be then breaded in a mix of eggs and flour is in the bread crumbsbefore being fried in boiling oil until golden brown.

You can enrich the filling by adding prosciutto or make a filling based on minced meat flavored with aromas and spices and browned in a pan.

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How to make breaded cabbage rolls

Cut the underside of the Chinese cabbage and take the leaves 1.

Put them in the bowl, pour in the boiling water and let them soak for 5 minutes 2.

With a knife, remove the hard parts of the leaves 3.

Put a piece of cheese on the side of the cabbage 4.

Roll up gently 5.

Beat the eggs with the salt, pepper and flour 6.

Dip the rolls in the batter 7.

Impale them in the breadcrumbs, making it stick well 8.

Heat the oil in the pan and cook the rolls 9.

Cook until golden brown 10.

The breaded cabbage rolls are ready to serve 11.


You can store the breaded cabbage rolls in the fridge for 1-2 daysinside an airtight container.

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