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Easter nest cake: the recipe for a scenographic and gourmet chocolate dessert

Easter nest cake: the recipe for a scenographic and gourmet chocolate dessert


For the cocoa sponge cake (ingredients for 3 22 cm cake moulds)

You need it too

22 cm circular mold

There Easter nest cake it’s a sweet pascal gluttonous, fluffy e scenographicprepared with a chocolate sponge cake covered with buttercream and decorated with coconut flakes and mini chocolate eggsarranged nest-shaped.

It is an original alternative to the classic dove, perfect to serve during the holidays to conclude Easter or Easter Monday lunch or to enjoy for breakfast. You can also prepare it to recycle eggs and leftover Easter eggs.

The Easter nest cake is not difficult to prepare but requires a little effort and available time.

We filled it and covered it with buttercream, but this dessert lends itself to many variations: instead of buttercream, you can use a Jam of the taste you prefer, or chocolate, white or dark, or even a Creamnail Diplomatic cream or one morbid whipped creamin classic version or chocolate. Also, instead of coconut flakes, you can use dried fruits or colored sugars.

To get a perfect dessert, with a soft and melt-in-the-mouth consistency, use ingredients ambient temperature and do cool the cake in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before decorating and serving: this way it will harden and all the flavors will blend well.

Find out how to make Easter nest cake, and if you’re looking for other creative desserts to make, also try Easter cupcakes, braided buns, and Easter cookies.

How to prepare the chocolate Easter nest

Here are all the steps and tips for making a fluffy and spectacular chocolate Easter nest. Before you begin, we suggest that you equip yourself with three cake pans with a diameter of about 20-22cm and to make time for the various preparations.

How to make chocolate sponge cake

To prepare the Easter nest, start by making the cocoa sponge cake. First, sift the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder, salt into a bowl and mix well (1).

Take three cake molds 20-22 cm in diameter, butter them then sprinkle them with flour; then cover the bottom and edges with bitter cocoa 2.

At this point, melt the chocolate in the microwave for about 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds or in a bain-marie 3.

In a second bowl, mix the butter and sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy (4).

Incorporate the eggs one by one (5) taking care to incorporate the previous one before adding the next, then the vanilla extract and mix until the mixture is smooth.

Pour the chocolate into the butter mixture (6) and stir until well blended.

Gradually add half of the cocoa-flour mixture to the butter (7). Start mixing using the mixer on low speed. Then pour in the milk.

Keep mixing, then add the rest of the flour mixture until well blended (8).

Pour the batter evenly into the three cake pans and level the top with a spatula (9).

Bake for 20-25 minutes in a static oven at 180°C (10). To check if the dessert is cooked, do the toothpick test. Remove from the oven and place the three discs of sponge cake on a wire rack to cool.

How to make buttercream

While the three discs of cocoa sponge cake cool, prepare the cream: whip the butter until fluffy and fluffy 11.

Add the icing sugar (12), vanilla, salt and milk while continuing to mix.

Add the chocolate chip cookie crumbs (13).

Stir in blue food coloring. Mix well (14) and put the buttercream in a pocket bag.

How to fill and decorate the Easter nest cake

To fill and decorate the Easter nest, start by distributing the buttercream from one sponge cake to the other using a piping bag 15.

Stack the cakes on top of each other then spread the cream on the outside as well, flattening it with a spatula. Put the cake in the fridge to chill for 10-15 minutes, so the buttercream can set. Decorate the cake with the grated coconut and the mini chocolate eggs forming a nest 16.

Your Easter nest is ready to be served and tasted 17.


As for the paste, you can use it brown sugar instead of white sugar and wholemeal flour instead of white. You can flavor it however you like, with orange peelOf lemon or, for a stronger taste, with a spoonful of coffee in powder.

You can also choose to prepare only one sponge cake, to be cooked in the classic circular pan or in the donut mold or, even, in the muffin moulds: in this case, you will have to reduce the doses of the recipe, by dividing the indicated weights by three.

For a cake with a more spongy texture, you can make one moist for cakesalcoholic or non-alcoholic.


You can keep the Easter nest cake in the refrigeratorby 3-4 daystightly closed in an airtight container. As for the unfilled sponge cake, it can be stored at room temperature for 3-4 days, covered with a cake topper. Finally, the buttercream can be kept for 3-4 days maximum, always in the refrigeratorwell sealed with cling film.

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