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Grilled cheese sandwich: the recipe for American cheese toast

Grilled cheese sandwich: the recipe for American cheese toast

Il grilled cheese sandwich it’s a American toast with cheese simple and delicious made with sandwich bread, burro and cheese cheddar. The sandwiches will be cooked in a pan on both sides until golden brown, so as to enjoy them lightly crispy outside and with a racy heart that melts in your mouth. Enjoy it for a rich one salty breakfastfor the snack or for one brunch with friends.

In our preparation we used the seasoned cheddarwith a classic orange color, but you can also use the lighter cheddar, less seasoned and with a more delicate flavor.

Before starting to prepare the grilled cheese sandwich remember to leave the butter out of the fridge at least 20 minutes before using it, so it will be easier to spread.

Let’s see now how to prepare cheese toast.

How to make the grilled cheese sandwich

To make the grilled cheese sandwich, start by cutting 4 slices of sandwich bread 1. We advise you to make 4 slices of equal thickness (about 1.5 cm). Alternatively, you can use already sliced ​​bread.

Butter the 4 slices of sandwich bread on one side only 2.

At this point, heat a previously greased non-stick pan over low heat 3.

Start cooking the sliced ​​and buttered slices of sliced ​​bread by placing the buttered part on the bottom of the pan 4.

Place 2 slices of cheddar cheese on the slice of bread that is browning and close the sandwich with the other slice of sliced ​​bread, with the butter side up 5. At this point we advise you to lower the heat a little.

After about 2 minutes of cooking, turn the toast using a spatula and cook it on the other side over low heat, until it is golden and the cheddar cheese begins to melt 6. Do the same with both sandwiches.

When the cheese toast is golden in a homogeneous way and the cheese appears stringy, the grilled cheese sandwich is ready to be enjoyed hot 7.


You can replace seasoned cheddar withemmentalwith the goudaDutch hard cheese, or with the caciocavallo.

As for the choice of the sandwich breadyou can use the one with white flour, wholemeal or the one with cereals.

For a perfect American-style dinner or brunch, we recommend accompanying the grilled cheese sandwich with a cream of tomato soup.

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