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Harlequin cookies: the tasty recipe for crumbly and colorful cookies for Carnival

Harlequin cookies: the tasty recipe for crumbly and colorful cookies for Carnival


baking powder for cakes

Colored sugar sprinkles

For decoration

Colored sugar sprinkles

I Harlequin Cookies they are gods Biscuits of gourmet and crumbly shortbread, perfect for Carnival or for the birthdays of the little ones at home. Shortly before being cooked, they are sprinkled on the surface with many sugar nuggets which will make them even more colorful and cheerful.

Making them at home is really very easy and fun: for this reason it is also possible to involve the children who can shape the cookies, arrange them on the tray and then decorate them with colored nuggets.

For the preparation of the recipe, we start from donkey, which must be soft (we advise you to take it out of the refrigerator at least 15 minutes before using it) and cut into pieces, then add the icing sugar and with the electric mixers a creamy and velvety mixture is formed; to this are added the eggs, one at a time, and finally the flour, sifted with the baking powder for the sweets.

It is mixed quickly with the hands, the sugars are incorporated and then they are formed many balls about 30 grams each, which will be slightly crushed in order to give their shape to the biscuits; the finishing touch with sugar sprinkles and these treats are ready to be baked.

Buttered and fragrant, harlequin biscuits can also be eaten at breakfast Oh snack with a cup of milk or a hot infusion. We advise you to prepare at least a double dose because they will literally tear themselves away from young and old alike.

You can flavor the dough with it if you wish. lemon peel grated, vanilla powder or stir in a little chocolate chips or replace the sugar chips with chocolate chips.

Find out how to prepare them by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. Also try the harlequin cake and carnival masks.

How to make harlequin cookies

In a bowl, soften the butter cut into small pieces 1.

Add icing sugar 2.

Whip with electric beaters until the compound is well blended and creamy 3.

Mix the eggs, one at a time, and until the previous one is well incorporated 4.

Pour the flour into the sieve 5.

Add baking powder for desserts 6.

Sieve the powders directly into the bowl with the dough 7.

Stir with a spatula to incorporate the flour 8.

Add the colored sugar sprinkles 9.

Knead quickly with your hands to obtain a soft and homogeneous dough ten. If it sticks to your hands, add a little more flour.

Take a small amount of dough, about 30 grams, and shape it into a ball 11.

Gently press down with your hands to flatten the cookies 12.

As you make the harlequin cookies, place them on the baking sheet covered with parchment paper 13.

Sprinkle the harlequin cookies with the colored tails, pressing lightly with your hands to make them adhere to the surface of the cookies 14. Bake at 180°C for about 20 minutes, until they take on a nice color.

Remove the cookies and let them cool 15.

Serve the harlequin cookies 16.


The harlequin cookies can be stored at room temperature, closed in an airtight container or in a tin box, approximately 4 days.

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