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Heart-shaped cheesecake: the recipe for an easy-to-make romantic dessert

Heart-shaped cheesecake: the recipe for an easy-to-make romantic dessert

There heart shaped cheesecake it is a delicious candy and romanticperfect to enjoy with your loved one on Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Dayperhaps as a dessert to conclude a romantic dinner.

We have prepared this delicious and scenographic cake from a base composed of crumbled biscuits and butter, like that of the classic American cheesecake, which, once cooled, is covered with a cream made from cheese spread e panna. We then decorated the cake with raspberry sauce, fresh fruit e candies in the shape of hearts: we chose raspberries, but you can decorate it with strawberries, sour cherries or, alternatively, you can opt for the chocolate where he cocoa.

With our recipe, you can prepare a large heart-shaped cheesecake, but you can also make it individual portions using 11 x 11 cm heart-shaped moulds.

Below you will find the steps to follow to prepare it in a short time and, if you are looking for other ideas, discover our selection dedicated to desserts and cakes for Valentine’s Day. If, on the other hand, you want to prepare lunch or dinner for February 14, you can take a look at our Valentine’s Day menu.

How to make a heart-shaped cheesecake

To prepare the heart-shaped cheesecake, start by blending the dry biscuits in a blender 1.

Transfer the mixed dry biscuits to a bowl, add the melted butter and the brown sugar. Mix everything well using a spatula. 2.

Spread the mixture into a heart-shaped springform pan lined with parchment paper (or buttered) and press well with a spatula to adhere the bottom and sides 3. Leave to rest in the fridge for an hour.

Meanwhile, soak the fish glue in cold water for about ten minutes 4. After the necessary time, squeeze it well and melt it in the slightly heated cream.

Put the spreadable cheese, the icing sugar, the slightly heated cream as well as the glass of isinglass, the raspberries in a bowl and mix well with a whisk until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream 5.

Pour the mixture into the molds 6.

Level it right 7 and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

While the heart-shaped cheesecake is resting in the refrigerator, prepare the raspberry sauce: blend the raspberries using a blender, filter through a strainer to remove the pips and add the sugar. Add two teaspoons of gelatin and mix everything with a spatula 8.

After the resting time, take the heart-shaped cheesecake out of the fridge, place it on a serving plate and pour the raspberry sauce over it, adjusting it with a spatula. 9.

Decorate your heart-shaped cheesecake with raspberries and sprinkles and serve ten.


You can also make the base with a mixture of biscuits e Amaretti Cookies: it will be even tastier.

Instead of raspberries you can also use raspberries fresh cherries oh in syrup and add a little to the surface Granulated sugar. Alternatively, you can simply sprinkle the heart-shaped cheesecake with del bitter cocoa.

How to Store a Heart Shaped Cheesecake

You can store the heart-shaped cheesecake in the fridge for up to 5 dayscovered with cling film.

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