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Martini with olive oil: the Italian reinterpretation of a timeless cocktail

Martini with olive oil: the Italian reinterpretation of a timeless cocktail


The Martini with olive oil it is an original cocktail inspired by the most famous Martini cocktail, a drink created for us since bartender Bruno Vanzanwhich gave character to the preparation with the addition of extra virgin olive oilwhich will be mixed with gin and put to solidify in the freezer: everything will be filtered and mixed with the vermouthThe cubed ice and served with 3 olivesthe sips with which the Martini should be drunk.

There birth of the Martini cocktail has always been linked to the figure of James Bondbut many are wrong: Ian Flamingin fact, the writer who created the character of James Bond used to drink the Vesper Martini, a variant of the Martini cocktail created for him by Gilberto Preti at Duke Hotel of London, a drink that Flaming included in his novel Casino Royal. So where does the Martini cocktail come from? It supposedly comes from Martinez, a famous recipe based on Italian vermouth, maraschino and liquid sugar.

Returning to our preparation, Bruno Vanzan created the Martini with Evo oil using the “fat washing” technique, a technique coming from the United States, born when a barman decided to wash down the whiskey with bacon; in the same way, we will “wash” the gin with olive oil. Let’s see, then, how to make the Italian reinterpretation of a timeless cocktail at home.


Extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare olive oil martini

Pour 200ml of gin into a measuring jug 1: our advice is to use a London dry.

Pour 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil into the gin 2.

Stir the gin and oil mixture with a bar spoon 3.

Place in the freezer and let rest for a few hours: in this way the mixture will freeze and, stratified, an oil wafer will form 4.

Extract the oil pod using a spatula 5.

Strain the gin into a bottle with a funnel 6.

Pour 6 cl of gin with extra virgin olive oil and 1 cl of vermouth into the mixing glass 7.

Add ice and mix the 2 ingredients with a bar spoon 8.

Separate the solid part from the liquid part with the help of a strainer and pour into a martini glass 9.

Garnish with 3 olives and serve 10.


You can also garnish the olive oil martini with Lemon peel instead of olives.

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