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Milkshake: the recipe for a fresh and creamy drink made with ice cream

Milkshake: the recipe for a fresh and creamy drink made with ice cream



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Illinois smoothie it’s a drink fresh and delicious, perfect for one sandwich fast and invigorating summer. It is a kind of milkshake of American origin made with milk, ice cream and whipped cream, which is traditionally served with pancakes, club sandwiches, hamburgers and French fries, in dinner: the famous American fast food restaurants decorated in the style of the 50s.

In our recipe, to prepare it, we have chosen to use good whole milk and a vanilla ice cream. Once the ingredients have been collected in the glass of a blender and then shaken for a few moments, all that remains is to pour the mixture obtained into a glass and garnish everything with a sprig of whipped creamcolored sugar dragees and crunchy waffles: this is how you will get a super creamy milkshake, to drink through a straw as a welcome dessert after a meal or on the occasion of lunch Sunday

For impeccable results, we suggest you put the blender jar in the freezer for a few minutes, before proceeding with the preparation: in this way the drink will remain very cold and will not lose its velvety texture.

Here, to speed things up, we have opted for a packaged ice cream, but for a result handmade you can make it at home, with or without the help of an ice cream maker. If you feel like it, you can replace the vanilla with another favorite flavor, such as strawberry, banana, chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut… And then replace the waffles with butter cookies or cat’s tongue. If you prefer, you can skip the sugar sprinkles, which the kids will love, and choose how Addition a mint syrup or a coffee liqueur: for an alcoholic variant prohibited to minors.

Find out how to prepare the mikshake by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, also try the ice cream shake.

How to prepare the smoothie

Pour the ice cream into the bowl of a blender. 1.

pour cold milk 2.

Blend everything for a few seconds. 3.

With the help of electric beaters, mount the cold cream from the fridge 4.

Pour into individual glasses, top with whipped cream and garnish with colored sugar slushies and crispy waffles. 5. Take to the table and enjoy.


If guests include vegans or lactose intoleranceYou can substitute the ingredients that we suggest for a drink based on rice or almonds, a vegetable cream and a vegan friendly ice cream: completely free of animal derivatives.

If you wish, you can complete the shake with a few dark chocolate flakes, a pinch of unsweetened cocoa powder or chopped nuts.

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