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Piedmontese tirà: the recipe for a doughnut-shaped sourdough cake

Piedmontese tirà: the recipe for a doughnut-shaped sourdough cake

He pull Piedmontese it’s a sweet sweet and fragrant, with a typical donut shape, originating from Rocchetta Tanaro, in the province of Asti. Traditionally prepared at the time of Carnivalowes its name to the tiràgi: or rather the festivals organized during the Kingdom of Sardinia, on the occasion of which the young conscripts called up to arms were drawn by lot.

An easy-to-make recipe which, in the version proposed here by the famous master baker Fulvio Marino, is made even more delicious by the addition of raisins dehydrated and cubes of candied apple. To bring it to the table, simply work the flour with the crumbled brewer’s yeast, sugar, warm water, eggs and softened butter in the bowl of the planetary mixer, then incorporate the raisins into the mixture. smooth and homogeneous obtained, and leave everything for about 2 hours (taking care, after the first hour, to take the bread again and knead it briefly, making folds).

Once the time has elapsed, the dough is then rolled out with a rolling pin, enriched with the candied apple and rolled up on itself, to form a loaf, to be placed in a special mold in the shape of a well-buttered ring, and left until until the volume doubles before being put in the oven: the result will be a leavened, soft and fragrant product, to sprinkle with icing sugar, and to taste breakfast Oh snack with a hot infusion.

If you wish, you can use 2 candied fruits instead Golden apples: cut into cubes and fry in a pan with a dash of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of sugar, or you can flavor the donut with a pinch of ground cinnamon, cardamom or a few drops of vanilla.

Find out how to prepare Piedmontese tirà by following the procedure and advice step by step. If you liked this recipe, try other Piedmontese pastry specialties, such as corn dough, hazelnut cake or gianduiotti.

How to prepare Piedmontese tiramisu

Sift the flour into the mixing bowl and add the crumbled brewer’s yeast 1.

Mix the sugar 2.

Pour lukewarm water 3.

Start kneading with the hook and incorporate the eggs 4one by one.

Then add the salt 5.

Add the soft butter 6a few pieces at a time, and work with the hook at high speed for about 20 minutes, taking care to add more knobs of butter, only when the previous ones have been completely absorbed.

Once you have a smooth and homogeneous mixture, pour in the raisins 7 and incorporate it at low speed.

Transfer the compound to the work surface and blend again briefly with your hands 8.

Form a ball and let it rest in the bowl of the planetary mixer 9covered with a transparent film, for about 1 hour.

Time has passed, take the dough again, make 3 folds by overlapping the flaps towards the center tenand let rise again for about 50 minutes.

Then gently roll out the dough using a rolling pin. 11.

Spread the diced candied apples on the surface 12.

Roll the dough on itself 13to form a loaf.

Place it in a donut mold 14well buttered, 28 cm in diameter.

Let rise until doubled in volume 15 and put in a static oven at 180°C for about 50 minutes.

Once cooked, remove the entremets from the oven, let it cool and turn it out onto a serving platter; then sprinkle the Piedmontese tirà with a light layer of icing sugar, cut into slices 16 and serve.


If you wish, you can customize the recipe according to your personal tastes and garnish the dough with custard and toasted pine nuts, blueberry jam, cocoa cream spread… Or you can enrich the preparation with chocolate chipschopped walnut kernels and candied orange peel.

If the entremets were to darken too much during cooking, we suggest that, a few minutes from the end, you cover the surface with a sheet of Aluminium foil.


Piedmontese tirà is kept at room temperature, under a glass bell jar, for 2-3 days massive.

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