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Pulled Pork: the easy recipe to make American Pulled Pork at home

Pulled Pork: the easy recipe to make American Pulled Pork at home

Illinois pulled pork It is a recipe that comes from USAone of the most beloved dishes of South American cuisine, the so-called From the south Kitchen. It’s a second course based on meat of pig cooked on the barbecue at a low temperature for several hours, so that it is tender, juicy and easy to fall apart (the name actually means “pulled pork“). The ideal cut of meat for pulled pork is boston buttrich in fat and collagen, but alternatively the shoulder or neck are also suitable.

There are two secrets to preparing a perfect pulled pork: the marinademade with a mixture of spices and aromas called Rub that gives the meat an intense aroma and an unmistakable flavor, and the slow cooker at the barbecue, defined low and slowthat promotes the formation of Bark, a delicious crispy brown crust. It is also essential to control the internal temperature of the meat with a kitchen thermometer: for it to be soft and easy to shred, it should be around 95 °C.

Born in North Carolina, home of barbecue cuisine, pulled pork is now widespread throughout the world, easy to find even in local pubs and sandwich shops. The original recipe calls for 10-12 hours of cooking on the grill, but for our version we have chosen to cook the pork shoulder in the oven, inside a special cast-iron pot: also in this case, the final result is absolutely good. . to the iconic dish made in the USA.

Discover how to prepare pulled pork following the step-by-step procedure and tips: once ready, you can dress it with barbecue sauce and use it, along with coleslaw, to fill the equally famous hamburger buns, to prepare tasty tacos, but also enjoy it on the plate with a side of baked potatoes.

After preparing an authentic American pull pork, try other flavorful pork recipes and experiment with other iconic American dishes like Macaroni and Cheese, BBQ Spare Ribs or Fried Chicken.


whole bone-in pork shoulder

How to make pulled pork

First, dedicate yourself to the preparation of the Rubmixing in a bowl the powdered spices (garlic, pepper, chilli, onion and mustard) with the sugar 1.

Paint the pork shoulder with extra virgin olive oil, which will make the spices adhere better, then massage with the Rubmaking sure it is fully covered 2.

Season with salt, then pour the chicken broth into the bottom of the pan. 3necessary to prevent the meat from being too dry at the end of cooking.

Cook with the lid in a static oven at 150°C for a couple of hours, then lower the temperature to 130°C and continue cooking for another 8 hours. produce 4 and measure the internal temperature of the meat with a kitchen thermometer, which should be around 95 °C. At this point, transfer the pork shoulder to a foil pan, wrap everything in foil, and let it rest for at least an hour, so it’s moist and succulent.

After the resting time, we put the pork on a plate and shred it with the help of two forks, obtaining thin strips. 5. If it has been cooked to perfection, the meat will be very soft, so this operation will be extremely simple.

The pulled pork is ready: enjoy it on its own or use it to fill a sandwich with your favorite ingredients 6.

How to cook pulled pork on the barbecue

If you prefer, you can cook the pulled pork the traditional way, on the grill. In this case, cooking must be indirect, that is, the meat must not be in direct contact with the heat: place it in the center of the grill, with a tray below that collects the juices, and instead place the coals at the sides of the grill. the barbecue. Then close with the lid, which ensures that the right temperature is reached (between 130°C and 150°C) and, above all, favors the creation of the smoke necessary for smoking. Let cook for 2 hours or until you notice that the Bark; at this point you can “foil” – that is, seal the pork in aluminum foil – and continue cooking for another 8 hours or so. Also in this case, at the end of cooking, the internal temperature of the meat should be around 95°C.

How to combine pulled pork

Pulled pork is usually accompanied with coleslaw, the Irish cabbage salad, but it also lends itself to other delicious pairings: in addition to serving it with mashed potatoes, hash browns, baked vegetables, or classic French fries, you can use it as an example. to enrich stews and casseroles.

The ideal drink to have with the pulled pork is beer, light or amber depending on your tastes.


In addition to the oil, you can brush the pork with a little mustardthen choosing whether to omit the powder from the mix for the Rub. The latter can be prepared with the flavors you prefer: we have chosen the most classic, but if you like you can also add peppers sweet or smoked, cinnamon, cumin, ginger and herbs such as oregano, thyme or rosemary. Also excellent pairing with coffee powder, which gives the meat a very particular aroma.

You can also choose whether to cook the meat immediately after coating it with spices or let it sit for a few hours or overnight for even more flavor.


Pulled pork can be stored for 5 days in the fridge, in an airtight container, or frozen, preferably vacuum-packed: in the first case, before consuming it, it is enough to heat it in the traditional oven or in the microwave, if instead the meat is frozen, heat it in the -marie bath , so that it becomes moist again.

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