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River Monsters: Uncover the Largest Fish within the Amazon River

The Amazon River is residence to a various array of plant and animal species, with greater than 3,000 species of freshwater fish and virtually 400 reptiles. River monsters are available in all sizes and shapes within the Amazon, however we’re going to concentrate on the most important fish to be discovered throughout the raging waters.

There are anacondas, crocodiles, pink river dolphins, jaguars, and extra making their residence alongside the Amazon River. These are spectacular species sufficient so one could not think about the fish which make their residence beneath the floor. 

Anglers from all around the world come to the Amazon River to fish among the largest species of fish to be discovered on the planet. Many of those fish are literally carnivorous as effectively, making them an exemplary problem for the skilled angler or fisherman.

From greatest to smallest, a couple of of those spectacular fish embody:

Largest doesn’t at all times translate to weight. A few of these large boys develop very giant in dimension however don’t weigh as a lot as different, extra dense, fish. We are going to concentrate on each weight and dimension and make educated selections on who finally ends up the place on our listing.

Many of those fish are monstrous in each dimension and temperament. They hunt different fish and are masters of the waters via which they roam. Let’s begin off with the best-known fish of all of them, after which circulation via to different, lesser-known fish.


Arapaima develop as much as 440 lbs and eight ft lengthy.

Tatiana Belova/

The arapaima, often known as the pirarucu, is the primary fish you consider when contemplating the Amazon River. It’s because it’s the largest fish to be discovered throughout the waters, and is a masterful fish to hunt and catch. It’s a widespread problem to attempt to fish for the arapaima, and that’s a part of the rationale it’s heading towards extinction. 

Overfishing is a risk to those lovely creatures as a result of they breathe air and should floor regularly. Their giant dimension makes them simple to identify after which probably catch.

Classifying them as weak is tough although as a result of it’s laborious to take a correct census of their inhabitants because of the place they’re situated. Research have proven although that they’re undoubtedly overfished and populations have depleted by greater than 93%.

The arapaima can develop as much as 440 lbs and to a size of eight ft. They’ve laborious, armored scales to guard them from predators, although which means nothing to the correct angler.

A examine in Superior Engineering Supplies exhibits that piranhas and arapaima have a wealthy historical past of coexisting as a result of piranha enamel can’t penetrate the arapaima scales. 

One of the simplest ways to catch these large fish is with nets or harpoons. When fishing for catch-and-release, they should be held for round 5 minutes earlier than being launched to ensure they’ve taken the mandatory breaths.

Arapaima have giant blood vessels alongside their backbone that may simply be ruptured so should be dealt with with care earlier than being launched.


Tambaqui Fish
Tambaqui can develop as much as 3.6 ft and 100 lbs.

Vladimir Wrangel/

The Tambaqui is one other giant fish native to the Amazon river. It’s a widespread fish to devour and may be very fatty, which is the place quite a lot of its weight comes from. Talking of weight, it might develop as much as virtually 100 lbs, and is sort of easy to catch.

At first, the tambaqui seems just like a piranha, however they develop a lot bigger and have a deeply rounded head. The same expression can have one leaping in alarm although if a smaller tambaqui is reeled in. They arrive in largely inexperienced that tapers to a grey stomach.

The Revista Brasileira de Zoologia put out a examine that states what a staple this fish is to the Amazonian weight-reduction plan. They’re often known as pacu domestically, however that tends to group in different related sorts of fish. 

An enchanting truth concerning the tambaqui is that they’ve sturdy molar enamel to assist them devour fruits, seeds, and nuts, which make up most of their weight-reduction plan. They thrive in lots of freshwaters however are liable to migrating towards areas with flooded forests to seek out the meals they want. They’re additionally capable of survive in waters with low oxygen ranges.


Piraíba are among the many greatest catfish species, rising as much as 330 lbs.

Public Area

Inside communities of the Amazon, the juvenile piraíba is named “filhote” which suggests pet, till it’s at a particular weight at which it’s acceptable to be caught. That weight is round 200 lbs. 

The piraíba is among the many greatest catfish on the planet. It will probably develop as much as ten ft and weigh in at 330 lbs. That will be sufficient for a complete catfish fry up, that’s for certain. Their our bodies are saturated in style buds which is how they sense prey, via chemical compounds they style within the water.

This fish is extra gentle grey in shade with white spots and stains alongside its scales. The stomach is a stark white they usually have giant shark-like dorsal fins. 

This large catfish eats different fish for the overwhelming majority of its weight-reduction plan, although some have been identified to finish up consuming monkeys as effectively in the event that they stray too close to to the water. Different animals like canines, cats, and even different catfish have been discovered inside them when caught. They’re choosy eaters and “style” their prey earlier than deciding whether or not or to not eat them.

Also called the goliath catfish, piraíba actually is the prize for a lot of anglers due to how giant it will get and the way aggressive it may be. It migrates greater than 2500 miles to seek out the proper place to put its eggs. 

They use their lengthy whiskers to information themselves via the waters of the Amazon and which means they don’t even want gentle to see. Piraíba are one of many hardest animals to catch, and legend has it that they’ll eat a human if given the possibility. They continue to grow and rising all through their entire lives. 

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