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Boiled Egg Salad: the recipe for a simple and tasty American egg salad

Boiled Egg Salad: the recipe for a simple and tasty American egg salad


L’boiled egg salad It is an easy and very rich recipe, the classic egg salad americanto be enjoyed as outline to accompany main meat dishes or to make as a filling panini, crostini, wraps up either sandwich, as in our preparation. To do so, we cook the eggs in the fryer -but you can also prepare the classic hard-boiled eggs- we cut them into small pieces and mix them with mayonnaise, mustard, parsley, spring onion, lettuce, salt and pepper. In a short time you will create a simple, economical and delicious dish that will conquer everyone. These are the steps to prepare it.

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chopped fresh parsley

How to make boiled egg salad

Place a baking sheet in the fryer basket and place a glass container on top. Pour the eggs into the bowl and the water into the outer roasting pan. 1.

Cook at 180°C for 8 minutes 2.

Chop the eggs on a cutting board 3 and put them in a bowl.

Mix the eggs with the mayonnaise, spring onion, salt, pepper, mustard and parsley 4.

Serve the egg salad between two slices of bread. 5as a garnish or enjoy it however you like.


You can enrich the boiled egg salad with diced cooked ham, boiled shrimp, pickles or with the ingredients you prefer: it is important, yes, that there is always mayonnaise.


You can store the boiled egg salad in the refrigerator for 1-2 daysin an airtight container.

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