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7 Black Snakes in Pennsylvania

Black snakes in Pennsylvania which can be most often encountered within the wild are simple to differentiate if you realize the variations. Virtually the entire snakes on this checklist have a non-black marking that means that you can differentiate between people from totally different species.

A lot of the snakes in Pennsylvania don’t pose any actual hazard to people. This doesn’t cease folks from mistaking snakes on this checklist for the extremely venomous cottonmouth. The cottonmouth isn’t native to Pennsylvania as its vary ends in additional southern states.

A few of the snakes listed right here make nice pets, although it’s best to search snakes from breeders as a substitute of making an attempt to seize one within the wild. That’s as a result of snakes raised in captivity are simpler to acclimate to a vivarium and frequent dealing with.

We’ll take a better take a look at the seven most typical black snakes within the state of Pennsylvania now.

1. Northern Black Racer

Northern black racers will chunk should you attempt to deal with them.

Breck P. Kent/

Northern black racers are a typical species within the state. They’re lengthy and slender snakes which can be able to shifting in a short time. They like to hang around underneath rocks or inside logs in fields, rocky hills, and grasslands. These snakes are wonderful climbers, to allow them to be present in bushes and up in timber. Northern black racers are nonvenomous, however they nonetheless don’t like being bothered.

When a wild particular person is picked up, it is going to seemingly chunk repeatedly. You’ll know the snake is upset as a result of it mimics a rattlesnake when threatened. It faucets its tail towards the bottom to mimic a rattle.

Each their stomachs and their backs are black. Northern black racers often have a small white patch underneath their chins. Juveniles are patterned and lighter in shade, so their look is an effective way to attempt to age one in all these snakes.

2. Timber Rattlesnake

Black Timber Rattlesnake
The timber rattlesnake is one in all three venomous snakes in Pennsylvania.

Frode Jacobsen/

The timber rattlesnake is probably the most harmful snake within the state, and it’s one in all three venomous snakes. It’s the one black venomous snake in Pennsylvania.

Timber rattlesnakes are mostly discovered alongside wooded edges of mountain ranges. They’re extraordinarily venomous, however they aren’t aggressive except threatened. These snakes undergo two phases: a yellow and a black part. After they’re of their black part, they nonetheless have some apparent banded patterning. They seem virtually all black, regardless of these bands.

3. Queen Snake

Queen Snake (Regina septemvittata)
Queen snakes are nonvenomous and pose little menace.

Nathan A Shepard/

Queen snakes are comparable in look to rat snakes and are sometimes misidentified as such. A yellow stomach distinguishes them in addition to their hardly seen brown stripes operating down the size of their physique. Whereas these snakes are frequent of their vary, they’re solely discovered within the western and southeastern elements of the state.

Queen snakes are nice swimmers, so that they’re typically confused with the lethal water moccasin. Nevertheless, they’re nonvenomous and pose little menace. They like rocky creeks and streams over giant lakes or open ponds.

4. Black Rat Snake

An adult rat black snake peaks over a rock
Black rat snakes are frequent as a result of they aren’t choosy about their habitats.

Matt Jeppson/

Black rat snakes are japanese rat snakes which can be all black. They aren’t totally different from japanese rat snakes, because it’s only a identify for sure people inside the japanese rat snake inhabitants.

Black rat snakes aren’t choosy about their habitats and could be discovered in every single place. This makes them one of the vital frequent snakes that folks will encounter within the state. Farmers are particularly aware of these snakes, as they love the rodents round produce fields.

Whereas black rat snakes could be noticed year-round, they’re most frequently out in the course of the day within the fall and spring. Most brumate in the course of the winter with different snakes like copperheads to preserve warmth. They aren’t at risk throughout this second as a result of all of the venomous snakes are too inactive from the chilly to feed.

Black rat snakes produce a disgusting musk when threatened, however they’re nonvenomous and comparatively innocent.

5. Northern Ring-Necked Snake

northern ringneck snake
Northern ring-necked snakes have a attribute band round their necks.


Northern ring-necked snakes are frequent snakes in Pennsylvania. They’re small snakes rising not more than two ft in size. They’re nocturnal and shy, so that they’re hardly ever noticed by people within the wild.

These snakes like damp habitats and hand around in wooded areas. They’re nonvenomous, however they launch a musk when threatened that smells horrible.

Northern ring-necked snakes have a coloured stomach with an identical ring round their neck. This vivid coloration is often yellow or orange. Typically they’re extra bluish than black, however sufficient people are principally black that this snake earned a spot on our checklist.

6. Japanese Garter Snake

Best Pet Snakes
Garter snakes are sometimes discovered round people in grasses and gardens.

Ok Quinn Ferris/

Most garter snakes have a black physique with yellow stripes operating down the size of this black physique. These snakes are neither aggressive nor are they venomous. They are often approached within the wild or whenever you spot one in your yard.

Garter snakes like moist environments with a number of hiding spots. They’re so frequent in gardens that also they are referred to as backyard snakes. These snakes are mostly discovered roaming round between March and October.

An attention-grabbing attribute of japanese garter snakes is their potential to adapt to a scarcity of their common meals provide. Pennsylvania isn’t identified for its amphibian populations, though the japanese garter snake eats frogs as a considerable a part of its eating regimen.

7. Northern Water Snake

Snakes That Look Like Copperheads-Northern Water Snake
Northern water snakes are the one water snakes present in Pennsylvania.


Northern water snakes are the one water snakes present in Pennsylvania. Some people are black, though they’ll are available all kinds of colours. These snakes are sometimes confused with water mocassins as a result of they like the identical kind of aquatic environments. People with sure colorations are additionally mistaken for copperheads.

Northern water snakes are non-aggressive, however you’ll know they really feel threatened once they coil up and start snapping. Should you see this occurring on a snake you’ve encountered, slowly transfer away from the snake.

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