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Fried bread: the recipe of the tasty and anti-waste dish

Fried bread: the recipe of the tasty and anti-waste dish

Il fried bread is an easy and inexpensive recipe, perfect for recycling leftover bread and turn it into a very tasty dish. It can be served to accompany a vegetable side dish or a seasonal mixed salad, such as antipasto of a dinner with guests, together with cold cuts and creamy spreadable cheeses, or as a delicious aperitif. Garnished with diced fresh cherry tomatoes, it turns into one snack nutritious or in one Breakfast super energetic, for lovers of savory flavors.

A very simple and quick preparation, which will allow you to give new life to old and now stale bread: the bread is cut into slices, passed in flour and then in a batter made with eggs, milk and grated cheese, then fried in hot seed oil. For an even more fragrant dish, you can flavor the batter with aromatic herbs to your taste or with spices. For a sweet variant, however, omit the cheese and salt and add a mix of cinnamon, vanilla and raw cane sugar.

We used a homemade bread, but at will you can use the type you like best or have available at home: wholemeal, spelled, with cereals, in boxes. If you want the bread to be rather soft, leave it for a few moments inside the batter, so that it gets soaked well; if you want it more crunchy, on the contrary, wet it very quickly.

Find out how to prepare fried bread by following the step by step procedure and advice. Also try the bread pizza and fried bread with sugar.

How to make fried bread

Cut the bread into fairly thick slices 1.

Break the egg into a bowl and add the milk 2.

Add the grated cheese 3.

Perfume with a freshly ground pepper 4.

Season with a pinch of salt 5.

Mix the ingredients with a hand whisk 6until a well blended mixture is obtained.

Wet the slices of bread in the mixture obtained 7in the flour and then again in the batter.

Heat the oil in a non-stick pan and, when it is hot, fry the slices of bread a few at a time 8.

When they are golden brown, drain the slices of bread on absorbent kitchen paper 9.

Bring to the table and serve hot 10.


Fried bread should be prepared and eaten hot at the momentto fully enjoy its crunchiness.

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